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13 Unique Places To Study In Ottawa So You Feel Like You Still Have A Life

Just don't get too distracted, alright?
13 Unique Places To Study In Ottawa So You Feel Like You Still Have A Life

Exam season is upon us, and it can definitely get boring AF! Most of the time, while you're stuck studying, your friends are out partying. FOMO is definitely real during exam season but it doesn't always have to be that way. Depending on your idea of fun, you can still study and feel like you have a life.

That's because Ottawa is home to an abundance of great places and hidden gems. In particular, we have a sh*t load of coffee shops and study places that also offer great services and food. That being said, here's a list of ones that you can go to but not have to deal with FOMO!

The Ministry of Coffee

Where: Various locations

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via @theministryofcoffee

Get your Instagram poppin' while you snap at cute photo at this little coffee shop! They serve amazing coffee and the vibes are just right so whether you're going there to study or socialize, you'll definitely enjoy it.


Major's Hill Park

Where: Mackenzie Ave.

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This is better during the warmer months but when there are no events going on, this is a really chill place to study. There's always people around so whenever you need a little study break, you can chat it up with some passersby!


Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar

Where: 1073 Bank St.

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Totally worth the IG pic. Your coffee is served in a mason jar and the shop is honestly so adorable. You probably won't even feel like you're studying so don't get too distracted!


Morning Owl and Variety

Where: Various Locations

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Definitely one of the nicest and most modern places on this list. Not only will you be served some dank food but you'll also be able to study with friends or solo and have a dope time. The vibes are just right!


Bar Robo

Where: 692 Somerset St. W

via @aliasharb

via @barrobo

Before it turns into a live music bar, they have some of the best food. It's already cool and unique just because it's in Chinatown but this place definitely offers a different experience.


Express Yourself

Where: 130 George St.

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If you get here earlier, around 7:30 to 8pm, the club is still pretty quiet and not too many people have shown up at this point. It's a great spot to finalize your assignment right before the show really pops off closer to 9:30.


Life of Pie

Where: 1134 Bank St.

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Pie made from scratch while you study?! Sign me up! And if you're wild enough to not be a fan of pie, they have a whole menu of other delicious options.


The Tea Party

Where: 119 York St.

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Tea to help you relax and get in the zone while you study, what else could you ask for! The food is also great but this place is definitely a go to study place. You won't feel bored or have to deal with FOMO while you're here.


Raw Pulp and Grind

Where: Various locations

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This place is lively and the music is great. It's definitely got a more hipster vibe so in between studying, you can totally people watch. The food is also to die for, but it's healthy!


Cafe Alternatif

Where: 60 University Dr.

via @cafealt

via @cafealt

Located on uOttawa campus, this place doubles up as a study place and a cafe! It's got some really amazing vibes so you won't feel too bored but you'll still be able to zone in and focus on your work.


Piccolo Grande

Where: 55 Murray St.


via @tattedtoker420

Do you see that ice cream?! Yum. Why not treat yourself to an amazing scoop of ice cream after all the studying you do here.



Where: 10 McArthur Ave.

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This is definitely better for a late afternoon study sesh so you can cram dinner and studying all into one! The food is honestly dank AF but the vibes are just right so that you can focus on your schoolwork.


Allo Mon Coco

Where: 2277 Riverside Dr.

via @allomoncocoottawa

via @allomoncocoottawa

This place is to die for! They have the most amazing breakfast options and lunch time options, however it's still a cute, casual place to study. Whether you go solo or with friends, you'll definitely feel alive the second you take a bite into anything from their menu!


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