Being in a relationship comes with many positives, but one main thing that most people don't enjoy is how expensive it can be! Seriously, going on a date usually involves spending up to $50. Whether it's a dinner or a movie or a fun activity, spending tons of money together happens pretty often. It's time for you two lovebirds to save some money together!

Luckily there are plenty of things you can do in Ottawa that are perfect for you if you're both pretty broke. From patios to festivals to outdoor movies, there are so many things you can do in the city that don't involve you both emptying your bank accounts. Give your bank account a break and have fun on these cheap dates.

Get competitive together at Room 104

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Pricing: Free entry and $4 shots

Calling all arcade lovers this spot is for you! Head to Room 104 for a fun filled night of retro games and great drinks. All of their shots are $4 each so you for sure won't be spending a lot of money at all. Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no cover fee (bless). Rally up all of you BFFs and make your way to Room 104.


Indulge in unreal ice cream from Sundae School

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Pricing: $8 to $14

If you two love ice cream, then you have to try out these unbelievable sundaes. This new cafe serves up a variety of sundaes that will have you two feeling like kids again. From Nerd flavoured ice cream to stunning wall art, this is a great place to head to for a cute date together.


Sip on drinks while taking in views at Tavern On The Hill

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Pricing: $6 to $12

Tavern On The Hill is a must visit this summer. It's a great spot to head to if you're looking for something relatively cheap that will put a smile on both of your faces. The seasonal outdoor canteen sells a variety of goodies, from coffee to ice cream to gourmet hot dogs, you two will seriously enjoy every minute on this patio.


Learn something new together by taking the Bridgehead Roastery Tour

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Pricing: Free!

If you two lovebirds love coffee, then this experience is perfect for you both. The Bridgehead Roastery Tour happens every month and it is a great chance to learn about Bridgehead coffee's craft, how they make their baked goods, and visit the roastery itself. The tours happen once a month and they are totally free!


Become kids again together at Capital Fair

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Pricing: $4 admission

What better way to unleash you inner child again than by hitting up a fair? Capital Fair will be on August 17th to the 26th and you don't want to miss it. From dog shows to petting zoos to live performances to car parades, you two are sure to have a blast at Capital Fair.


Satisfy your sweet tooth together at the new Maverick's Donuts 

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Pricing: $2 to $4

Maverick's Donut Company recently opened up in the ByWard Market and if you've never been, now if your chance to go. The donuts at Maverick's are unlike anything you've ever had. From peanut butter to apple fritter, you two will be spoilt for choice on which donut to choose from. If you both have a sweet tooth then then is 100% the perfect date for you.


Make your way to Ottawa's Glowfair Festival 

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Pricing: Free!

Glowfair Festival happens every summer in Ottawa and it's always a blast. The massive festival involves Bank Street restaurants, bars, and merchants. This entirely free event will have you and your bae strolling around from one unique thing to the next. Artists will take the stage at night and Glowfair Festival comes alive! Some artists coming to Ottawa this year include Karl Wolf, Ria Mae, Bayla, and Iskwé.


Go on a hike that will take your breath away 

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Pricing: Free!

This is perfect for you if you both love staying fit and being active. There are so many parks in Ontario and Quebec that are just a quick road trip away. Some trails are not totally free to enter, so be sure to bring some money with you just incase. No matter what, there is no way that going on a hike will cost you more than $50! Whether you lovebirds hike up a simple trail or choose something more challenging, you are sure to have a great time together.


Watch a movie on Sparks Street together with Capital Pop-Up Cinema 

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Pricing: Free!

Going to watch a movie at the theatre costs waaay too much and sometimes sitting at home to watch movies can get boring. Luckily we have Capital Pop-Up Cinema, Ottawa's only outdoor travelling cinema. Each month, Capital Pop-Cup Cinema plays different movies on Sparks Street, pack up your popcorn and snacks to enjoy a movie outside. Popcorn is usually sold for $2, you can bring your own chairs and blankets or rent an inflatable couch for only $5!


Soak up the sun together at any beach in and around Ottawa

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Pricing: Free!

With summer finally in the air, there's no better way to enjoy it than by heading to a beach. At beaches you can both soak up the summer sun while cooling off in the water. Summer is a time to head to the beach, play a game, read a book, and enjoy some snacks. There are so many stunning beaches in and around Ottawa that are sure to have you feeling the summer vibes.


Laugh your night away at Absolute Comedy 

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Pricing: $6 to $20 admission

Head to Absolute Comedy and enjoy a comedy show together. The prices at Absolute Comedy are suuuper cheap from Monday to Thursday ($6 to $8), as the week goes by the prices increase and on the weekends tickets are $20 each. Why not take advantage of the cheap pricing and head out to laugh your night away together.


Explore the brand new Ottawa Art Gallery together

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Pricing: Free!

The new Ottawa Art Gallery is 100% worth visiting and the best part is that it's completely free! If you two love art, architecture, or just discovering new places, then you will definitely love your time at this new gallery. The art pieces are interesting and unique. There are over 3 floors of art, so you two will spend a lot of time taking in the artwork and admiring the architecture.


Go mini-putting together at Mer Bleue Golf via

Pricing: $9 each

Mini-putting is such a fun way to get competitive together while taking in the summer weather. From seeing who will get a hole in one first to tallying the scores at the very end, you two are bound to have a fun time while mini-putting. This cute date idea is relatively cheap and perfect for you if you love competing against each other.


Discover something new at any Ottawa museum

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Pricing: Free on Thursdays after 5pm

Most Ottawa museums are free after 5pm, yes please! This is a great way to explore new exhibits and learn new things together. From the National Gallery of Canada to the Bank of Canada Museum to the Science and Tech Museum to the Museum of Nature, you two have so many options to choose from!