Admit it, you've been scrolling through Instagram and have wondered where exactly that mural is. You instantly get feed anxiety, because you know you need it on your Instagram ASAP. But you also don't want to be that annoying person that comments "OMG! Where is that?!" only to be rejected and have no response. We've all been there, we don't want to spill all our secrets.

Well, forgive me for spilling all the secrets now, but I just want everyone to have the beautiful Instagram you deserve. Even if you don't have Instagram, going around and seeing all of these murals will make you fall in love with Ottawa all over again!

via @dumplingpark

This beautiful tree mural at Dumpling Park

via @t_carnegie

This colourful AF mural at Octopus Books

via @recklessglue

This graffiti wall that's underneath Dunbar Bridge

via @islammhesham

This abstract cartoon wall at PLURR

via @weeklycubebreak

This skull candy mural at the Tech Wall

via @auxonic

This adorable elephant on the restaurant Phuket Royal

via @kmrizax

This wet wall between Booth and Rochester

via @tschelovek_graffiti

This bright and happy butterfly wall on Bank Street

via @trippple_og_bigsj_demarco

This trippy panda art on Somerset Street

via @melodiedream

This motivating quote at Arlington Five

via @hily.billy

This nesting doll wall art in The Glebe

via @holyshec

This abstract wall art that's right beside the wet wall also between Booth and Rochester

via @krismaheral

This intense and fascinating mural in The Glebe

via @scotthwilson

Or this mural in Morning Owl if you're more of a black and white kinda person!