Dim sum is a food most of us forget exists, however, it's f*cking delicious and so worth every bite. It has so much flavour, and there are so many different options to choose from!

Dim sum and dumplings go hand in hand. Dumplings are just a form of dim sum, but just as delicious. If you live for dim sum or you've never tried it, here are 11 places to get unreal dim sum in Ottawa.

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Yangtze Dining Lounge // 700 Somerset St W

Must try: Fried shrimp roll, wor tip

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Dumpling Bowl // 730 Somerset St W

Must try: Pork and chives, beef and coriander

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Mekong Restaurant // 637 Somerset St W

Must try: Pot sticker pork dumplings, steamed shrimp dumplings

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Cafe Orient // 808 Somerset St W

Must try: Steamed BBQ pork buns, steamed Chinese sausage buns

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Yimin Dim Sum House // 870 Somerset St W

Must try: Green onion and ginger beef dumpling, deep fried shrimp dumpling

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Ng's Cuisine // 1499 Merivale Rd

Must try: Shrimp dumplings, dumpling and enokitake noodle soup

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Beijing Legend Restaurant // 1800 Bank St

Must try: Beef with black pepper, regular dumplings

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Fusion House Kanata // 5507 Hazeldean Rd

Must try: Steamed sticky rice, steamed custard buns

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Datsun // 380 Elgin St

Must try: Shrimp and water chestnut dumplings, pork and chive dumplings

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Mandarin Ogilvie Restaurant // 1137 Ogilvie Rd

Must try: Crab meat dumpling, ginger beef dumpling

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Oriental Chu Shing Restaurant // 691 Somerset St W

Must try: Steamed BBQ pork buns, chive and shrimp dumplings