Algonquin College. The school where you realize it's just an even bigger high school.

And just like high school, there are unwritten rules that you should never do. Except these ones you don't get in trouble for, they just make you look like an asshole or a freshman. And no one wants to be either of those people.

So here are 14 things you should never do at Algonquin College. And if you do these things, please stop. Like, we all know we'd eat our weight in the caf pizza if it wasn't 2000 calories a slice. Just be proud.

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1. Say there is never anything to eat on campus.

How many damn cafs do we have? It's absurd.

2. Also saying you hate the caf pizza.

Pardon? That pizza is made by Jesus. Super healthy, too.

3. Wait in that long ass line at Connections for textbooks.

Don't buy textbooks at all, honestly. You'll be fine.

4. Complain about not being able to find a parking spot.

Listen, honey. Try waiting for the bus in -40 weather. Don't test me.

5. Try and cut the line at Starbucks.

I've been waiting here for 20 minutes. Your friend can go to the back. Yes, I'm petty.

6. Walk slowly in the overpasses.


7. Think you'll get any work done in Student Commons.

Do we need to have a video game fair right now? Stop.

8. Expect to catch the bus as soon as you get to the bus stop.

You should expect nothing when it comes to Baseline.

9. Take a nap in the 'Silent Rooms'.

Do you know how much drool is on those couches?

10. Wear merch from uOttawa or Carleton.

What, are you trying to brag? Don't.

11. Go to College Square on your break.

Seriously, it's a trap. Do you really want to carry a bag of candles from Bath & Body Works around campus?

12. Compare Algonquin to a high school.

I mean, it's sort of true. But let's not admit it please.

13. Go to the Observatory for a drink before an exam/presentation.

1 drink turns into 4 and a failing grade. Don't do it.

14. Think nothing cool ever happens at Algonquin.

The Bachelorette, Walk off the Earth, Lights–it may not be Kanye West, but it's still pretty sick.

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