When we see a friend, an acquaintance or even a stranger with beautiful hair, we all want to ask who did their hair. It's just second nature to be envious of someone with beautiful hair, especially as girls. Whether it's ombre, a full head of highlights or just the glossiest colour of brown, we want it.

Well, here is your chance to find out where you can get that beautiful, unique hair you've always been looking for. These 13 Ottawa hairdressers will make people envy your hair colour, and people will be asking you this time! So get ready for a ton of compliments, you deserve it.

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Laura Boyer // Texture Hair Salon

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Yara Ismail // L'essence Salon

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Kristina Mei // Allure Hair Design and Spa

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Gillian Argue // Jet Black Hair & Studio

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Kelsey Rodriguez // Apprentice

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Kayla Kenney // Jet Black Hair & Studio

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Alex // Fernandino Salon Rideau Centre

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Arielle // Texture Hair Salon

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Marie-eve Lebrun // Salon Niccio

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Savanna Chiodo // Jet Black Hair & Studio

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Joanne // Showpony Hair

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Rebecca Facchin // Spotlight Hair & Spa

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Cara McEachern // Salon Vert