Let's be real, there is no appetizer quite like chicken wings. From honey garlic to the hottest suicide wings you can get, they're unbeatable. And no wings ever taste the same, which is also a huge plus.

For all you meat lovers, you're welcome. Use this list for when it's football Sunday, or if you just want to relax after a long day with a beer. I promise you won't be disappointed. So here are 15 best places to get chicken wings in Ottawa! Enjoy!

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1. St. Louis Bar and Grill // Multiple Locations

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2. Wild Wing // Multiple Locations

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3. Datsun // 380 Elgin Street

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4. The Standard // 360 Elgin Street

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5. Deacon Brodies // 247 Elgin Street

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6. The SmoQue Shack // 129 York Street

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7. Local Heroes // Multiple Locations

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8. Clocktower Brew Pub // Multiple Locations

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9. Hooley's Pub // 292 Elgin Street

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10. Summerhays Grill // 1971 Baseline Road

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11. Patty Bolands // 101 Clarence Street

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12. Hometown Sports Grill // 1525 Bank Street

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13. Cornerstone Bar & Grill // 92 Clarence Street

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14. D'Arcy McGee's // Multiple Locations

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15. Don Cherry's // Multiple Locations

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