If you're a brand new student, or this is your very last year (salvage it, it goes by way too fast), you'll definitely need a reminder to get you through the hard times. Being a part of a low-key school definitely has its benefits every once and a while. Algonquin is a great school for hands-on learners, and the experience you get there is priceless. However, once you get caught up in all the projects, exams and sleepless nights, you can come back to this article and take a deep breath knowing you made a great choice. In case you already forgot why you decided to go to Algonquin College, even though it's only the middle of September, I'll remind you why–here are 14 reasons why you should go to Algonquin College:

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1. A bus pass is finally included into your tuition.

What took so long, Algonquin?

2. If you're shy, there is little to no school spirit involved.

That's right, folks. No homecoming, no frosh week, no reason to meet new people.

3. And if you are looking to make friends, you won't have any problems.

Most classes have around 30 people in them, so it's easy to find your squad in the first few months. You don't have to worry about scraping through hundreds of people to find a few decent friends.

4. We have a Starbucks and a Tim Hortons on campus.

You truly never have to leave.

5. The profs are amazing and are more like friends.

You really get connected to the profs that end up shaping your future with you. They become more like friends and less like teachers and like some friends, you'll secretly hate some of them.

6. The campus is unique.

Does anyone actually call it a campus? Probably not. But the architecture from all different decades is what makes Algonquin so unique. You feel like you're in a different school walking through every building and it seems like there is always something new popping up.

7. Students' Association always has something planned for students.

Free or cheap movie nights and concerts for students, comedy shows and dirty bingo. This year they had the amazing Walk Off The Earth perform, which is an amazing and talented band. Good job, Algonquin.

8. There is a program for everybody. Not lying.

If you want to become a cabinetmaker, there's a course for that. I told you I wasn't lying.

9. There's an LCBO down the street and a bar in the middle of the school.

Don't underestimate The Observatory. It's dangerous.

10. They offer programs that start in the winter and the fall.

If you can't start in September, chances are your program is offered to start in January. It's very convenient.

11. It's super easy to get to.

Take the 95 to Baseline from anywhere and you're golden. Sorry if you're coming from Orleans.

12. Because your class is so small, you often get unnecessary snow days.

The prof doesn't mind cancelling class and you definitely don't mind either. Not like you were going anyways.

13. You can kill time and save money at College Square.

Since College Square is only a few steps away from Algonquin College, you can kill so much time there. There are always amazing deals at those outlets, and who says you can't treat yourself?

14. Most programs concludes with 6-weeks on-the-job field work.

Which gets you prepared for your future job. It's mandatory, which allows you to get the experience you need and lets you put all your hard earned skills into action.

15. And last but not least, the diversity in the school is impeccable.

Algonquin College makes sure everyone feels at home, no matter where your home actually is. If you're an international student or live just down the street, you'll always fit in.

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