Ah, St. Matt's. Home of the Tigers, khaki pants and black and white polo uniform shirts.

It's the down-the-hill Catholic high school right across the street from the Metro where the students dress up extra nice at the end of the month 'cause it's dress down day.

Chances are that if you're an Orleans kid who grew up with a Catholic education, you probably went here, had a gym class in the Tiger Den and had Metro wedge fries for lunch. Even though St. Matt's may be well behind you now (or you may be there now), we, the Tigers, have all had shared experiences. Like, no air conditioning during the summer. Oops.

Here's 15 signs you went to St. Matt's:

1. Lunchtime meant "crossing the street."

There's a crosswalk there now, but everybody's still j-walking.

2. You lived for dress down days.

There was always the one kid who would still wear the uniform.

3. "GOOD MORNING SPORTS FANS!!" always woke you up in the morning.


4. Your co-prez candidates always promised you air conditioning.

But you never got it and never will get it.

5. You know how real the rivalry was between St. Matt's and St. Pete's.

Down the hill represent.

6. You had a class in the portapack.

A freezer in the winter and an oven in the summer.

7. Coming in late in the morning meant awkwardly standing for O' Canada in the halls.

And don't forget: morning prayer, too!

8. You sang "We are children, children of the light" at least once at the Divine Infant church during mass.

If you didn't skip.

9. You had to leave your bag at the front of Metro.

Where dreams go to die.

10. But Metro wedge fries were a lunch essential.

Or a slice and drink at House of Pizza. Or a meat and cheese pie at Al-Jabal. Spice and lemon?

11. "St. Matthew High School calling. A student in your household named..."

Your answering machine's worst nightmare.

12. 2:45pm. The best time of day.

Unless you had a spare during period 4 in senior year on Day 1 or Day 2.

13. You know how sacred the wooden floor of the "new" gym is.

No food, no drink, no anything. Do. Not. Touch. The. Floor.

14. You probably read To Kill A Mockingbird and Fifth Business.

Or the SparkNotes summaries, at least.

15. Your choice cafeteria snack: A giant chocolate chip cookie.

With a carton of chocolate milk. Blessed.

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