Everyone has somewhat of a theme on Instagram. Whether it's nature, selfies, party-animal, food, or a mixture of all, there are definitely specific themes for specific pages. I love Instagram and any opportunity I can get to take a photo of flowers or gardens I take it. In the summer time flowers are perfect for a profile, they add colour that is vibrant and essential to any summer post.

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There are 15 places in Ottawa that are perfect for any Instagram account that needs a little colour, life, and fire. These places are sure to give you some LIT instas.

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Dominion Arboretum // Ottawa, ON

This stunning garden and greenhouse is located on the opposite side of the canal. It's part of the Central Experimental Farm and has over 1000 different species of plants.

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Maplelawn Historic Garden // 497-529 Richmond Rd

Maplelawn Historic Garden is a beautiful garden in the front of a Keg Restaurant called the Keg Manor. Head here to grab something yummy to eat and then take your camera's out for all the photos.

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Pink Lake // Gatineau, QC

This stunning lake is located in Gatineau Park and is worth a visit if you're looking for a blue lake Instagram. You'll have a fun time hiking the trial and an even better time striking some poses.

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Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory // 2710 March Rd

If you love coffee and nature, head to this conservatory. Here you are sure to get an amazing photo of yourself or even just of the cafe. No matter the photo this place is definitely Insta worthy.

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Central Experimental Farm // 960 Carling Ave

Head here for some Insta's and for the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. After you take your photos you can head to the museum and pet some of your favourite animals.

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Blumenstudio // 465 Parkdale Ave

Another must visit for anyone that loves flowers and coffee. At this cute florist there is a hidden coffee shop. This cute hidden gem is pouring with unique Instagram's from the beautiful flowers to the cute coffee shop.

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Mer Bleue Conservation Area // Ridge Rd

This bog has some amazing trials and walkways perfect for a summer Insta mission. Here you'll have a great time walking as well as enjoying the many different wildlife species around you.

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H.H.J. Nesbitt Biology Building // Carleton University

This greenhouse is located on Carleton University's campus and it is perfect for a nature Instagram. The greenhouse is climate-controlled and contains a variety of different plants.

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The Pond // Rockcliffe Ottawa

From June to September between 7 am - 2 pm the pond is a great place to swim as well as take some cute Insta's. It's a great place to go if you're looking to take pictures without many people in the background.

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Old Quarry Trail // Ottawa, ON 

Walk, talk, and snap some shots while on the Old Quarry Trial. This trial is perfect for anyone that loves being outside.

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Hog's Back Falls // Ottawa, ON

If you're looking for a lot of greenery as well as some water, head to Hog's Back Falls. It makes for a perfect summer Instagram as well as a perfect summer adventure!

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Les Serres Robert Plante Greenhouses // 4228 Navan Rd

This plant greenhouse makes for a great walking and admiring nature 'candid' shot. You can enter this greenhouse with nothing and leave with some cute pictures and stunning flowers.

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Fletcher Wildlife Garden // Ottawa, ON

Fletcher Wildlife Garden is right across from the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum. It's an amazing place to go for a walk with your dog, have a picnic, and most importantly take some fire Instagrams.

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Shouldice Berry Farm // 2110 Merivale Rd

Going berry picking is a perfect summer activity. You'll get amazing Insta's, some sweet berries, and unforgettable memories.

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Ornamental Gardens // 75 National Capital Commission Scenic Driveway

This garden showcases so many different flowers in the most breathtaking way. You'll basically feel like you're in The Princess Diaries scene when she finds out she's a princess.