Let's be real here, there are a lot of annoying things that happen in Ottawa. However, as millennials, we often get offended over nothing and we have a lot of our own opinions. We don't think others are wrong necessarily, but we're always right.

Being 20 is such an awkward age. You should be married with kids, but you should also wait so you can live out your best years before having kids and settling down. But if you don't, people assume it's for a specific reason. But if you settle down early, you're missing out on a lot. You can never win.

So mix both of those things together and you'll hear every millennial in Ottawa go ughhhhh. Whether you like to admit it or not, your 20s are your best years and they fly by. So live it up, and try not to stress too much about these 15 things. Life is too short!


1. Someone hosting their birthday on a weekday.

Stop. I have to wake up at 5 to catch the OC Transpo. But maybe next year!


2. Wanting to get an obligatory hiking in Gatineau picture for Instagram.

But not actually wanting to hike whatsoever. Too old for this.


3. Looking for apartments downtown and realizing you'll need 4 roommates in a one bedroom apartment to afford it.

Your life's a joke, you're broke...


4. Having to bus 2 hours downtown for a job you don't even want.

But it's the only one where you don't have to be bilingual and have 10+ years of experience as a entry level job.


5. Wanting to understand politics to sound smart.

Yet the only thing you understand is that Justin Trudeau is way hotter than Donald Trump.


6. A constant battle between wanting to have a social life, finish up school, have an internship, while also being independent.

But you can hardly afford an Presto card to get to all of these things.


7. Seeing all of your friends get engaged and you're still desperately swiping right on Tinder.

I don't want to meet my future husband/wife at Tequila Jacks, thx.


8. When everyone seems to be able to afford season tickets to the Ottawa Senators and Ottawa REDBLACKS.

What? How? I can't even afford a ticket to the Ottawa 67's.


9. That struggle between living your best years in your 20s, and also not wanting to freeze to death while enjoying a night out in the ByWard Market during winter.

Can't we reschedule for this summer?


10. Not being able to see friends because none of you want to make the trip.

One lives in Orleans, the other lives in Kanata and you live in Barrhaven. Soooo... see you at the high school reunion in 5 years?


11. Wanting to be trendy AF and visit every single coffee shop in Ottawa.

The latte art is cute and all, but Timmies is where my bank account doesn't scream at me.


12. Seeing all of your friends going on trips down south and wonder how they do it.

It seems like more and more people go every single year. How do you do this? Flying out of Ottawa is like paying 2 months rent. Teach me your ways.


13. Going skating on the Rideau Canal in -30 weather.

Are we serious? Guys, we've lived here forever. It's the same as always. Can we not?


14. When the Rideau Street McDonald's used to be a form of entertainment, now you just roll your eyes at the site of it.

I'm too old for this now.


15. "Don't you think you could find a better job in your field in Toronto or Montreal?"

Yes. Maybe I could. I'll just pack up my things and go right now, it's super simple.

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