Here in Ottawa, we're always complaining about something. Whether it's the weather, the OC Transpo or the fact that everything is so far from each other–we consider complaining normal now. It's not even a question anymore.

Do you ever wonder if someone else thinks the same way you do? I guarantee all of your thoughts about Ottawa are very mutual. This city is great, but let's take a look at things we think are normal that really probably aren't.

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1. Thinking -15 degrees is warm.

+40 in the summer is totally normal, and -40 wouldn't phase us either. It's just the way life goes here in Ottawa, and we're all pretty used to it by now.

2. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on a winter jacket.

$300 dollars on a winter jacket? Sold. If it keeps us from getting frost bite while standing outside waiting for the bus, it's worth every penny. Seriously, avoid winter jackets that look cool. Always go for practical.

3. Travelling to Toronto or Montreal to see a concert.

This has completely become the normal for us Ottawans. It seems like only country singers come here, which definitely isn't a bad thing. But we definitely want more than just Justin Bieber committing to Ottawa during every tour he does.

4. Going to the same bars every time you go out.

Did you hear a new bar opened up downtown? Said no one ever. We're lucky if we even find a decent bar in Ottawa, so it's best to just stick to the one you know is good (which is rare).

5. Eating shawarma a few times a week.

Ottawa = shawarma city. Seriously, we have the best shawarma and it's not normal for someone to not like it in Ottawa. If you don't, then try 3Brothers or Shawarma Palace downtown. You're welcome.

6. Refusing to leave the house in the winter.

It's just too much work. Seriously, brushing off 10 cm off of your car every morning is an arm workout we all didn't want.

7. Going anywhere and seeing at least 5 people you know.

Going to the gas station? Better suit up, you'll definitely see at least 5 people you know from high school and your ex boyfriend. It's guaranteed.

8. Being let down by the Sens.

Year after year. People always say 'it gets better' but for the Sens... let's not hold our breath. It's normal for us to secretly cheer on a different team after they lose.

9. Travelling to Montreal to catch a flight because YOW is SO damn expensive.

It's actually cheaper most times to catch a Greyhound to the Montreal airport, and fly out of Montreal then it is just for one ticket out of Ottawa. Again, we're used to it.

10. Having to explain where Ottawa is any time you travel.

'Oh is that near Toronto?' See yah.

11. Knowing all of your SO's friends just from social media.

But you knew them before you started dating. It may be a coincidence, but it also may just be because everyone knows everyone here in Ottawa.

12. Not being able to try a cool, new place because it's packed for the first 5 months.

Does Sweet Jesus come to mind? The first few weeks were so packed–I refuse to wait in line for 40 minutes for an ice cream cone. I'll be at Dairy Queen.

13. Being able to catch the OC Transpo anywhere in the city to get to your destination.

Which mostly depends on if the bus feels like being on time or not. But it's truly wonderful for those individuals who don't own a car.

14. Calling it a small city when it's actually really not.

Okay, it technically is a small city compared to others in Canada. It's a small city in the sense that everyone knows everyone, and there isn't much going on here. If you're moving to or from Toronto, you'll realize it is pretty small compared to the rest of the world.

15. Finding the Parliament Buildings boring AF.

No, we definitely don't look at the Parliament Buildings in awe every time we pass them. Once you've lived here for a while, you kind of forget they're even a thing that's important.

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