Halloween may be on a Monday this year, but that doesn't mean you have an excuse not to celebrate. Why would you skip Halloween anyway? We're talking Goosebumps, candy corn, dressing up as celebrities and haunted houses. It's the best holiday of the year.

Ottawa's nothing short of a Halloween city and there's plenty to do here to celebrate (even if you think there's nothing to do here). We're lucky to be so close to rural areas that there's an abundance of haunted houses and activities in the countryside. Plus, being one of Canada's largest cities (even if you don't believe it sometimes) comes with its perks. There's plenty of nightlife to do this weekend too.

Check out these 10 Halloween activities for the weekend. There's something for everyone in the city:

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1. Take a haunted chairlift ride at Camp Fortune.

Lock yourself into a chairlift and take a round-trip horror ride at one of Canada's closest ski hills in the Gatineau hills. It's just a 10 minute drive from Ottawa.

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2. Catch the last weekend of Pumpkinferno.

Head to Upper Canada Village and gaze in awe at the 7000 hand-crafted jack-o'-lanterns that light up the 19th century village.

3. Take part in Ottawa's Halloween pub crawl, Crawl-O-Ween.

Dress up and celebrate Halloween with a pub crawl in the ByWard Market on Saturday, Oct. 29. There's prizes for costumes, too.

4. Dress up and face your friends at an art battle at the Arts Court.

What masterpiece can you manage to paint in 20 minutes? Find out at the Arts Court on Sunday, Oct. 30 and face off against your friends dressed up in costume. As always, there will be prizes for costumes. Get creative!

 5. Party at a former church-turned-haunted castle at Ottawa's Great Pumpkin Ball.

Celebrate the season with 750 other costumed men and women at a 2 story former Roman Catholic Church. The location is right in downtown Ottawa, at 310 St. Patrick St. in the ByWard Market. Tickets are $45.00 and all proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society and CADS-NCD.

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6. Take a zombie tour of the Cold War Diefenbunker.

Descend deep into the former nuclear fallout shelter and take an hour long tour with the undead. Tickets are going fast with this popular event and tickets are only available on the Sunday, Oct. 30. Book here.

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7. Go on the classic Ghosts and the Gallows Haunted Walk of Ottawa.

Take a tour of the haunted jail cells of Ottawa's infamous jail hostel. Some say the ghost of Patrick Whelan, the assassin of Thomas D'Arcy McGee, still lurks its dark corridors.

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8. Or even better: Spend a night at the Ottawa Jail Hostel.

Some guests have claimed that they've seen a man clutching a bible at the end of their bed in the night. Book here.

9. Take part in Almonte's zombie walk.

This Saturday, dress up and live your dream (or nightmare) as a zombie and take part in the 2km zombie walk. Bring a non-perishable food item for the Lanark County Food Bank.

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10. Scare yourself at Saunders Farm.

Head over to one of Ottawa's infamous haunted houses for haunted hay rides, an abandoned haunted summer camp and many more fright night activities.