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15 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day With Your BFFs In Ottawa

Fall in love with your friends!

Who says that Valentine's Day has to just be for couples? If you're single like a lot of people are, there's no reason to be ashamed. Valentine's Day is about love in general, not just for couples! You don't need to go out and purchase 10 cats and call yourself a crazy cat lady just because you don't have a bae. Instead, embrace it and show your BFFs some love!

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Even if you don't plan to hang out with friends, you can always show yourself some self love. Take yourself out to a movie, buy yourself a donut, go shopping–you deserve all the love in the world! Here are 15 things you can do on Valentine's Day with your BFFs in Ottawa. Hoes over bros, right?

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1. Start the day off with mimosas at Flapjack's Canadian Diner because you can

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2. Eat your feelings with an unreal dessert at Holland's Cake and Shake

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3. Get hot AF bodies at The Dailey Method

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4. Treat yourselves to a authentic Italian dinner at Vittoria Trattoria

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5. Gossip about f*ckboys over some tea at The Tea Party Cafe

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6. Pamper yourselves organically at Peppermint Organic Spa

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7. Get into a food coma together at Sushi Kan

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8. Treat yourselves to fancy drinks at JOEY Lansdowne

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9. Do some retail shopping while saving money at Tanger Outlets

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10. Zen yourselves out at Paint Nite

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11. Catch up over some fancy lattes at Quitters Coffee

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12. Sing your hearts out at VIP Karaoke Bar

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13. Forget about your exes at BATL Ottawa

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14. Pretend you're crazy cat ladies at Siberian Cat Café

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15. Indulge in an unreal brunch at The Hintonburg Public House

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