Of course we all want to pretend we don't like desserts so that we can ignore the craving. However, sometimes that's just impossible and you need some sugar in your life. No one is judging here.

But you also probably want to branch out of DQ Blizzards when you want a sweet treat. I got you. Here are 16 bucket list desserts every Ottawan needs to try. Happy eating!

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1. Mango shaved ice // Hangout

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2. Macaron cake // Quelque Chose Pâtisserie

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3. PB & J donut // Maverick's Donuts

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4. La Fiesta churro // Mr. Churritos

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5. Oreo cheesecake // Da Bombe Desserts

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6. Eclairs // Swiss Pastries

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7. Candy apples // Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

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8. Pop-Tarts // Little Jo Berry's

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9. Waffle ice cream sandwich // Moo Shu Ice Cream

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10. Gelato in a lemon // Simply Biscotti

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11. Crazy cookies // Boko Bakery

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12. Cronuts // Art Is In Bakery

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13. Matcha tiramisu // Oh So Good

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14. Chocolate mint girl guide cookie cake // Holland's Cake and Shake

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15. Raspberry rhubarb tart // Three Tarts

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16. Krusty the cone // Sweet Jesus

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