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16 Bucket List Sandwiches Every Ottawan Needs To Try

Everyone's favourite food.

Sandwiches. They made up your childhood, and you still have a soft spot in your heart for them. Every once and a while, you probably make yourself a PB&J or a grilled cheese just because you can. Well, you deserve more than that.

All of these sandwiches are unreal, and will make you feel like royalty if you're just used to a soggy sub from a random deli. From vegan sandwiches to the ultimate meaty sandwich, here are 17 bucket list sandwiches every Ottawan needs to try.

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The Summer Dress at LunchBox

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Eggplant and egg sandwich at Bread & Sons Bakery

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Buffalo pork sandwich at Robz Bistro

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The Italiano at Pesto Italian Delicatessen

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Curry chicken sandwich at Relish Food Truck

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Righteous meatball sub at Pure Kitchen

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Black bean sandwich at Pressed

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Arepa's at Gooney's Sandwich Works

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Pork belly sandwich at MeatPress

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Smoked meat sandwich at Dunn's Famous Deli

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Any sandwich on their menu at La Bottega Nicastro

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Waffle sandwich at Backdrop

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Dr. Pepper pulled pork sandwich at Foolish Chicken

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Tofu banh mi at My Hang Vietnamese Submarine

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Deep fried pickle sandwich at Art Is In Bakery

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Mac n' Cheese sandwich at MLTDOWN

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