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16 Fun Things To Do In The ByWard Market If You Don't Drink

Have fun without the hangover!
16 Fun Things To Do In The ByWard Market If You Don't Drink

"Wanna go grab a drink in the market?"

"I think I'm gonna celebrate my birthday in the market, where should we go to drink?" 

If you're one of these people, that's awesome. However, sometimes you're not in the mood to be hungover AF the next day but still want to roam around Ottawa's beautiful market. From someone who despises being hungover, I totally understand. 

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If the ByWard Market intrigues you but you don't feel like drinking, no worries! There is so much to do in the market what doesn't involve alcohol. You can save money and stay hydrated, best of both worlds!

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Check out the delicious Outdoor Market that sells fresh produce 

via @roadtrip_and_trustfund

Shop locally and hit up Roadtrip Clothing for a new outfit

via @marketorganics

Indulge in the daily kitchen specials and a cold brew coffee at Market Organics 


Let your spirituality come out at Crystal Dawn

via @emhewittt

Sip your delicious iced coffee while taking in the views at Planet Coffee

via @ellie_f

See if you and your squad can escape in time at Jigsaw Escape Rooms

via @foodventureswithpanda

Try out the famous chicken and waffles (or fried cauliflower and waffles) at The King Eddy

via @sahfiks

Walk about a block out of the ByWard Market to see a movie at the old school ByTowne Cinema 

via @lynneatsalot

Feel like you're in Italy while eating this unreal pizza at The Grand Pizzeria & Bar 

via @jaidra_lm

Treat yourself to a beautiful manicure at La Crystal Nail & Spa 

via @imjakewilliams

Step into the most glamorous Starbucks at the Starbucks Reserve and get an affogato (two shots of espresso over vanilla ice cream)

via @biaaguottawa

Get zen AF at Upward Dog Yoga Centre

via @thetravelingpalm

If you haven't already, try out the famous Obama cookies at Le Moulin de Provence

via @swriiight

Take an obligatory picture on the OTTAWA sign 

via @ri_zza_

Get the most amazing gelato of your life at Pure Gelato

via @madeleine_elisabeth_

Feel royal AF while sipping on delicious tea at Teastore

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