Bluesfest is a part of Ottawa now. We wait for the line up all year round, and then get prepared to see some of our favs rock out in our hometown. It's a great feeling. No matter what the line up is, people still buy tickets and have the best time ever.

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Whether it's country, pop, folk, rap, etc., the reason you're there is to enjoy the music and see artists you may not have discovered without the festival. So we don't want anything annoying to ruin what should be the best part of summer for Ottawans. Here are 16 life hacks you need to know if you're attending Bluesfest this summer!

Bring a portable phone charger and a phone fan 

These two will save your life. Bluesfest is in the middle of summer, and it can get hot as f*ck standing in the crowds or even just walking around. A phone fan that hooks up to your charger outlet is a great investment, and a portable phone charger will save all of your anxieties. You don't want to be lost without a charged phone, right?

Use airplane mode to save your battery

Realistically, you don't need to Snapchat the entire concert. Save yourself the headache if you can't afford a portable phone charger, and just put your phone on airplane mode. This really helps your battery, and you'll thank yourself later!

Bring a banana or a protein bar with you

You don't want to get hangry at a music festival. With all those people around in the heat, you're bound to get exhausted and feel sluggish. Keep your blood sugar levels up by snacking and avoiding the costs of the food vendors. A couple protein bars and a banana will save your life!

Wrap a flannel around your waist

Not only will it look cute and like it's part of your outfit, but it will save help you a ton at night. It may be hot as hell during the day, but at night it can get a little chilly and that's when the bugs come out. A flannel is the best option since it's fashionable wrapped around your waist, but still looks cute over any outfit.

Make your own bug spray

Normal bug spray is gross and smells bad. Plus, essential oils are way less toxic and actually work a lot better. Try out a recipe that includes a small spray bottle, citronella essential oil, water, and tea tree oil. You can also include vodka in there if the bugs love you. This stuff works!

Wear your most comfortable shoes

Thank the lord Nike's are fashionable in 2017. No matter what outfit you wear, you can add a sporty look by wearing Nike's, or even do converse since those are super basic these days too. Just leave the heels at home, you'll thank me later.

Try not to bring a bag with you

If you're a minimalist, or if you can just go without a bag for a few hours, this will benefit you in the long run. Try to put all your important things in the back of your phone case (cash, credit cards, etc.) and that way you won't be scared about losing your belongings.

But if you do need a bag, bring a fanny pack

Listen, they're not the cutest thing in the world, but they work! You can actually get some decent looking ones (even designers are making them), and they're so practical. Instead of always worrying about someone taking stuff from your backpack, or from your cross body bag, you have all that you need in front of you!

The Find My Friends app or Instagram Live will be your BFFs

Who knows if you'll even have service out in the middle of a field, but it's worth a try! Find My Friends can help you if you're seriously lost from your squad, and if that's too difficult, Instagram Live will help you show exactly where you are right then and there.

Chug water in between drinks

This. Is. Crucial. You really don't want to end up with heat stroke or dehydration, so this is super important. If you're drinking alcohol, make sure to drink a ton of water between drinks. Even if you're not drinking alcohol, you can still totally benefit from drinking water the whole day. If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. And no, alcohol will not hydrate you!

Leave early or leave late

This hack is a little annoying, but is it more annoying than sitting in two hour traffic when you're exhausted? Nope. This hack works, because no one wants to leave the concert early and no one wants to leave late. By the time you get out, you'll have beaten the traffic or just missed it.

Take photos before you get into the crowd

Unless it's a selfie, you'll thank me later. Once you're in the crowd you're all sweaty and no one looks cute like that. Before you get into the crowd, you look your best and feel your best. Probably don't take them afterwards after, mascara dripping down your face isn't a look.

Bring a travel pack of baby wipes

Porta pottys are the devil, but unfortunately that's life. Bring baby wipes and hand sanitizer. You're welcome.

Do not wear a romper

Sorry guys, I know this is a new trend. But do you want to be naked in a porta potty, or be wasted and have to go pee every 10 minutes? A romper is cute in theory, but it's not practical especially at a music festival.

Cough drops will be your best friend

"I completely lost my voice and I still have a week left!" Don't be that person. If you feel your throat start to hurt, take a cough drop. They'll soothe your voice and help when you see your fav band performing.

This may be obvious, but load up on sunscreen

Maybe it's a cloudy day and you think you'll be fine. Wrong. The UV Index is still a thing on cloudy days. You don't want to get burnt to a crisp and not be able to enjoy the rest of the festival. Protect yourself, and keep reapplying! Get an amazing tan instead of a horrible sunburn.