16 Ottawa Things You & Your Sister/BFF Gotta Do Together This Winter

Bond with the best!
16 Ottawa Things You & Your Sister/BFF Gotta Do Together This Winter

Sisters. The ones we love to hate, and hate to love. If you have a sister, whether you're close or not, you understand that you can get along one day and tell all your friends you hate them the next. It's literally just a part of having a sister, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.

Most of the time sisters are complete opposites. Whether it's your style, your lookout on life, what you like to do, etc. But let's be real. In the winter all we ever want to do is stay inside and watch movies. But in order to bond over things, you can't just stay inside and fight over if you want to watch a horror movie or a funny movie! I know it's cold AF in Ottawa in the winter, but there are still so many fun things that you and your sis can do that will make memories for a lifetime.

So whether you consider yourself the smart, funny, sassy, sarcastic, or serious sister, there has to be something both of you enjoy doing together. My sister and I personally love to watch reality TV together, but unfortunately that's not on the list. If you want to bond with your sister or you're already super close, here are 12 things you can do this winter that will bring you closer together!





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The Noodle House

Where: 775 Gladstone Ave

This is the ultimate comfort food, and who better to go to Pho with than your sister? You can catch up, sip on some noodles, and it won't break the bank. Plus, who doesn't like Vietnamese food?!


The Fry

Where: Multiple Locations

Located both downtown and in Barrhaven, this fried chicken spot is to die for. You and your sis can get messy, share this food (sharing is caring) and bond over how delicious it is. This can become your new fav hangout spot together!


The Scone Witch

Where: Multiple Locations

This restaurant has the best home cooked meals that will make both of you feel right at home. Also, winter is the best time for a soup and sandwich. They're open for breakfast and lunch, so it's the perfect start to any day and you can also spend the day together after! Their sandwiches served on a scone are to die for.



Where: 6400 Hazeldean Rd

NeXT is the perfect restaurant if you and your sister love to share. They have 'brunch boards' that serve two and come with everything you could ever want for brunch. Or maybe you and your sis aren't great at sharing, but this is the ultimate test! They also have other yummy brunch options if you can't fathom sharing.


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Where: Gatineau

It's a lot different than the canal, but it's definitely a more special moment! If you and your sis grew up in Ottawa, then you've probably been on the Rideau Canal millions of times. Lac-des-Loups is a 3km ice skating trail that takes you through the forest. It's so beautiful and you'll definitely laugh your way down the trail!


Four Season Tent

Where: Gatineau Park

This is perfect for if you and your sis get along or don't! This tent is located in Gatineau Park, and the cell service isn't that great. You're forced to bond and protect each other and get away from everything. These four season tents are available to rent, and they hold up to 4 people.


Escapade Eskimo

Where: 1378 Route 301

This is something you don't get to do everyday! This will for sure make some amazing memories. Dog sledding is so much fun, and such a rush too! Escapade Eskimo is only about an hour drive from Ottawa and it's something you and your sis need to put on your winter bucket list this year.


Arbraska Lafléche

Where: 255 Route Principale

Are you and your sis adrenaline junkies? This aerial park and zipline is so much fun, and it's thrilling! Zipling is all about trust and if you and your sis need to work on that, then this is the place for you. The have a winter activity called 'The Snowman's Adventure' which gives you a tour of the cave, snowshoeing, zipling, and then delicious hot chocolate after.


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Where: 1980 Phelan Road West

One of the best parts about having a sister is that you can both get pampered together and have it be a date day. You both deserve it, and you should treat yourself every once and a while! At Strathmere, they have so many different spa options. They also have yoga, so after being exhausted from being pampered, you can relax even more.


Nordik Spa-Nature

Where: 16 Chemin Nordik

This is pretty obvious, but it's because it's the best of the best. You and your sis can chill here all day, and not feel guilty about it. Take advantage of the pools, the steam rooms, literally everything!!!! You can even get massages, or have a mimosa while relaxing. The perfect sister day.


J'adore Beauty Bar & Lounge

Where: 329A Elgin St

You can drink while getting your nails done here. Enough said. But actually, while pampering yourself, you and your sis can sip on a drink and talk about life, gossip, or just relax! J'adore Beauty Bar & Lounge does an amazing job on your nails, and you'll want to go back all the time.


Peppermint Organic Spa

Where: 1131 Mill St

Peppermint Organic Spa is located in Manotick, and all of their products they use are holistic and organic. They use water based nail polishes, which stay on such a long time and don't go into your bloodstream. They have just about every spa treatment you could think of, so if you and your sis are health freaks, you'll love this spot.


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Cacao 70

If you and your sister both have a sweet tooth, this is the place you need to be. Cacao 70 is a mix between a cafe and a restaurant, but is more of a dessert spot. Their hot chocolate is to die for, and you can both share something if you want! The chocolate fondue plates can't be beat.


Cafe Cristal

Cafe Cristal is an adorable spot in Barrhaven that sells crepes, coffee, tea, macarons, and more. They have the best coffee, and the atmosphere is adorable. Plus, you can both get a stunning picture for your Instagram! What else are sisters good for? (Jk, obviously).


Alice's Village Cafe

Where: 3773 Carp Rd

This little cafe, which is in a house, is so adorable. You and your sister will want to come back here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have everything from waffles to burgers, and also serve some bomb lattes.


Quelque Chose Pâtisserie

Where: Multiple Locations

This is one of my personal favourites. It's such a girly spot, so if you and/or your sis are super girly, there's no way you won't feel at home here. From high tea, to the most delicious macarons, to macaron ice cream sandwiches, this place is a miracle! They also have macaron milkshakes, and this place is cute AF for your Insta.


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