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16 Ottawa Spots For The Absolute Best Ice Cream You Must Try This Summer

There's honestly nothing better than having a cold ice cream on a warm and sunny day. Days filled with walking around the city and grabbing a soft serve cone are what summer is all about. Whether it's a late night craving that you and your BFFs agree on crushing or simply a refreshing sorbet, there are ice cream shops across the city that all serve unbelievable ice cream. 

If you were to describe summer, there's no way you can do it without mentioning ice cream! From vegan spots to liquid nitrogen spots, there are a variety of ice cream places in Ottawa to have on a sunny day. If you live a completely dairy-free life, don't worry, there are plenty of places in Ottawa that have your back. 

The Merry Dairy 

Where: 102 Fairmont Avenue

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The Merry Dairy first began as a cute ice cream truck that drove across Ottawa, but just last year they opened up an adorable shop. The Merry Dairy serves up delicious ice cream that is sure to cool you down, whether you like scoops or soft serve of popsicles, The Merry Dairy has go you.


La Cigale

Where: 14 Chemin Scott

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La Cigale is located in Chelsea Quebec and it is totally worth the drive. If you're someone that loves original homemade ice cream then this spot is for you. The shop is located inside of an adorable green house perfect for a few cute Insta's. After eating the amazing ice cream here and soaking up the hot summer sun, you are bound to leave with a massive smile on your face.


Piccolo Grande

Where: 102-55 Murray Street

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Piccolo Grande had a major renovation over this past winter. It's now filled with cute and quirky Insta worthy things. If you have never been to this ice cream shop, now is your time. They serve up a wide range of flavours, from chocolate orange to maple crystal to coconut, you will be spoiled for choice!


Magic Molecule 

Where: 217 Bank Street

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Now if you're someone that is looking for a unique experience, then look no further. This spot in Ottawa opened up pretty recently and it serves up liquid nitrogen ice cream. They serve quite a few flavours, some include mango and passion fruit. They also serve up sorbet, bubble tea, bubble waffle ice cream and you can also get regular ice cream if you wish.


Thimble Cakes

Where: 369 Bank Street

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Thimble Cakes is responsible for creating some of the most yummy vegan ice creams in the city. Their ice cream is dairy free, gluten free, nut and egg free. They sell a range of flavours some include, mint chocolate chip, french vanilla, bubblegum, and Mexican brownie!


Brett's Ice Cream

Where: 1 Beaverbrook Road

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How incredible does that soft serve ice cream look?! Their soft serve cones are lined with flavour bursts. From cotton candy to mint, there are many flavours that Brett's Ice Cream creates. If you're looking for a unique twist on the classic soft serve, you have 100% found it.


Mantovani 1946

Where: 87 Murray Street

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It's time to escape to Italy for a quick gelato! If you have never been to Mantovani 1946, then you need to add this place to your summer ice cream bucket list. The gelato that is served at this cafe is honestly unbelievable. This is the perfect place to go to enjoy quality gelato with your friends or your bae. They also serve up some yummy vegan flavours, so if you're dairy-free Mantovani 1946 has your back.


Gelatini Gelato

Where: 244 Preston Street

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Mojito sorbet? Skor gelato? Praline Almond Cookie gelato? Yes, please! Gelatini Gelato serves up a wide range of yummy gelato and sorbets. This spot serves a ton of vegan flavours, so if you're dairy-free then you need to check out Gelatini Gelato this summer.


Little Jo Berry's 

Where: 1303 Wellington Street West

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Yet another spot with 100% dairy-free and vegan options! Little Jo Berry's makes the most trendy and unbelievable creations using ice cream. From unicorn soft serves to watermelon ice cream to charcoal ice cream, Little Jo Berry's is always elevating ice cream in some unique way!


The Beachconers Microcreamery

Where: 273 Britannia Road

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The Beachconers makes it's ice cream fresh from scratch. It's a great place to go if you want to feel the summer beach vibes as you enjoy your ice cream cone. They also sell unreal flavoured ice cream cones that are sure to make every bite of your ice cream delicious.


Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen

Where: 477 Bank Street

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Moo Shu Ice Cream sells some of the most incredible ice cream in the city. The ice cream is Asian inspired and made from pure Ontario dairy and as many local ingredients as possible. The ice cream can be formed into two-bite truffle balls which are incredible. They also sells some vegan options!


Lois N' Frimas Ice Cream

Where: 71 George Street

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Is it a summer in Ottawa without a cone from Lois N' Frimas?! If you're craving a classic soft serve ice cream this is the spot to go. Lois N' Frimas is located in the heart of the ByWard Market and it is a true local favourite. It gets a little busy at times but it is 100% worth the wait.


Strawberry Blonde Bakery 

Where: 114B Grande Avenue

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Strawberry Blonde Bakery serves up vegan ice cream sandwiches through the summer. The ice cream in the sandwiches is made with soy milk and coconut milk. The cookies are also fully vegan. They also serve up yummy vegan soft serve ice cream, but if you're searching for the perfect ice cream sandwich, this is the spot.


Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Parlour

Where: 229 Armstrong Street

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This cafe just opened up in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. They serve up a variety of coffees and snacks as well as soft serve ice cream. The parlour is super Insta-worthy, from the leaf wallpaper to the fairy lights, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to what Insta to take. They're also serving Matcha soft serve for a limited time, so be sure to head here quick to try some.


Chocolats Favoris

Where: 180 Vanguard Drive

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YUM. If you have never tried Chocolats Favoris then you need to this summer. They serve up soft serve ice cream that is dipped in a thick coating of chocolate. The chocolate dips come in so many flavours, some include cookies and cream, tiramisu, hazelnut, and cotton candy!


Stella Luna Gelato Cafe 

Where: 1103 Bank Street & 1130 Wellington Street West

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This stunning cafe is an Ottawa favourite. Stella Luna Gelato Cafe serves up a wide range of amazing gelato flavours. They serve up award-winning gelato as well as refreshing sorbet for anyone who is lactose intolerant or vegan. Stella Luna is a summer staple in Ottawa, so be sure to head there this summer.


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