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16 Things You'll Never Hear An Algonquin College Student Say

No matter if you love or hate Algonquin, you voice your opinion about it. However, there are some things that are just inevitable that you're going to dislike or complain about. I'm sure if you searched 'Algonquin College' on Twitter, you'd find thousands of tweets complaining about the WiFi or how expensive parking is.

Algonquin College is an amazing school to study at, but most of us automatically complain instead of saying something positive. Check out the list below to see if you're one of the few that have expressed your love for the things most Algonquin students hate.

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1. "I love the mystery of not knowing my school schedule until August!"

Seriously, Algonquin. The suspense kills us.

2. "The WiFi is so reliable!"

Taking a test online at school? Good luck with that!

3. "You're staying in res? I'm so jealous!"

Most of the people living in res are from Carleton Place. It's not your typical residence.

4. "Bussing to school for an 8 a.m. class is so therapeutic!"

A packed bus when you're super tired is the best way to wake up. Also, why are 8 a.m. classes still a thing?

5. "Winter is my favourite time to bus home from Baseline for sure."

The amount of 95X to Baseline is torture. Do you think we enjoy standing out in -40 weather?

6. "The B Building is definitely the nicest."

Said no one ever. It's a concrete jail.

7. "So excited for frosh week!"

Also, said no one ever. Frosh week doesn't happen at Algonquin.

8. "Do you want to go study at the library?"

Translate to: "Do you want to go to the library, search for a seat for 20 minutes, then give up and go to Student Commons?"

9. "I found such a good parking spot! It's like it was waiting for me. Close to the school too!"

Unless you're rich and can afford something other than parking lot 12, this will never happen."

10. "I totally remember where I parked."

20 minutes later... *dies of frost bite*

11. "I asked for an Algonquin College sweater for Christmas!"

Please, don't do this.

12. "Yeah, I'll take a Glue Magazine!"

Honestly, say this anyways. Then drop it on a bench somewhere.

13. "My Student ID card makes me look so good!"

The lighting in that dungeon won't make anyone look good. Your face isn't really that oily, either.

14. "Can you talk to me about why you have a booth set up in Student Commons?"

Don't ask questions. Avoid booths in the Student Commons at all costs. It's a trap.

15. "Sure, I'll complete your survey!"

We've all encountered those who need a survey done for their class. Be a good person and do it, but if you don't want to, just don't make eye contact. It works every time.

16. "You want to go watch a Thunder game?"

Are you even allowed to watch those games? When do they play? Why don't we know this?

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