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17 Better Things To Do In Ottawa If You're Not About Cuffing Season

Definitely not about that life.

Ahh... the good old cuffing season is among us. For those of us in relationships, life's good; you've got a bae to cuddle with when it's cold, someone to take cute holiday pictures with, and you're not lonely AF. For those of you single, on the other hand, you're just going to have to tough it out these next cold and lonely months but it's okay.

There are a ton of things to do in Ottawa whether you're single or in a relationship. However, if you're totally against cuffing season, here's a list of better things to do:

Hit the slopes at Camp Fortune

Where: 300 Dunlop Rd.

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Whether you're a beginner or a pro, skiing and snowboarding can be fun for everyone! You can also find really cheap passes online sometimes but heading out to hit the slopes for a day is totally worth it. With winter soon approaching, grabbing a friend and road trippin' it to Camp Fortune should definitely help you get over those winter blues.


Turn on your "bad and boujee" at any Elgin St. bar

Where: Elgin St.

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If you're tired of running into the same 19 year olds every weekend in the ByWard Market, why not hit up Elgin St.? There's definitely a way older crowd and the vibes are a lot better; also so many cute guys! From Common, to The Standard, to the Waverly, you definitely have some options there.

Go skating with your besties on the Canal

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Skating on the canal is definitely Ottawa bucket list goals! Whether you're a native or new here, this is absolutely something you must do! It's a ton of fun, you don't need no man, and you can grab beaver tails on your skate!

Make some friends at FRNZ Friday

Where: 87 Clarence St.

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Ottawa's newest turn up spot, if you're not about cuffing season but you're all about getting lit with your friends, no pun intended, then head to FRNZ! It's gotten some great reviews from what I hear so maybe you'll even bump into me there!


Try camping in the winter

Where: Gatineau Park

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Notice how I said try? I personally wouldn't try this but camping can be fun, and apparently you can still camp in the winter. Maybe you can turn into a ski trip, who knows. Just make sure to pack a lot of warm clothes!


Check out some local shows solo

Where: 692 Somerset W.

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Why not hit up a live music bar, such as Bar Robo on your own and discover some new music and possibly make new friends? All you need is confidence to not feel awkward!


Hit up the casino

Where: 1 Boulevard du Casino

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Whether you're going there to hit up the club or to try your luck on some slots, the casino can be a great time! Just make sure to be responsible with your money and who knows, maybe you can go home a little bit richer!


Attend a ceramic paint night at Mud Oven

Where: 1065 Bank St

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This is an activity you could totally do solo or with friends and you'll have a blast either way! Ceramic painting can be so relaxing but also so satisfying once you see your masterpiece. It's completely affordable as well!


Go to a wine tasting at Origin Cafe

Where: 111 York St.

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Who doesn't love wine?! This is the best opportunity to try out a bunch of different wines while eating some delicious cheese. Origin also doubles up as a coffee shop so if alcohol isn't your thing...


Visit an art show at PPL Nightclub

Where: 130 George St.

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Enjoy some live music at PPL Nightclub during Express Yourself. Grab some drinks, some friends, and relax! You'll get to discover new talent, meet new friends, and honestly just enjoy yourself.

Take out your frustrations by going paint balling

Where: 4565 Dunning Rd.

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Who said paint balling was just for guys? Get your adrenaline going by a fun game of paint ball with your best friends! Things will get competitive and you may get hurt but you'll definitely have a blast.


Go bowling with your closest friends

Where: 175 McArthur Ave.

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Bowling can be so much fun if you're with the right people! Dress up in all white and glow under the neon lights while you strike out. And when you're done at bowling, you can head to Louis Pizza which is right beside McArthur bowling!


Live out your inner child and go to Midway

Where: 2477 Kaladar Dr.

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Midway doesn't have to be just for kids! You can definitely have a blast here just by playing the arcade games, winning prizes or rock climbing. There's no age limit and you'll definitely forget about cuffing season when you head here.


Bring out the Beyonce at Pop Star Karaoke

Where: 382 Rideau St.

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"All the single ladies, All the single ladies"! Get lit while you sing your heart out with zero shame. Karaoke is always a blast and you can sing any sappy heart break song you want!

Get pampered at Nordik Spa

Where: 16 Chemin Nordik

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What better way to forget about fvckboys and cuffing season than by relaxing at the spa? Seriously, nothing else needs to be said!


Go on a shopping spree at Bayshore Mall

Where: 100 Bayshore Dr.

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What's better than shopping really? From time to time, it's good to indulge and just use shopping as therapy. Get a new cute outfit, get something you really need, or just splurge for the f*cks of it!

Attend a hot yoga class!

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There are so many yoga spots in Ottawa, it won't be hard at all to find a hot yoga class! Hot yoga is relaxing, you forget about the world, and it's something you can totally do solo.