There is no better meal than brunch. It means you got to sleep in a little bit longer, and you can justify a mimosa and not be judged. 

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Us Ottawans go crazy for brunch, and we're not talking about how McDonald's now has all day breakfast. We're talking the real deal, the fancy pancakes or my personal fav, Eggs Benedict. If you're obsessed with brunch, then start crossing these unreal places off your bucket list. Enjoy!

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The Buzz Restaurant // 374 Bank St

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The Hintonburg Public House // 1020 Wellington St W

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JAX // 479 Bronson Ave

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EVOO Greek Kitchen // 438 Preston St

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Wilf & Ada's // 510 Bank St

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The Manx Pub // 370 Elgin St

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Baker Street Cafe // 385 Richmond Rd

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Stoneface Dolly's // 416 Preston St

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Benny's Bistro // 119 Murray St

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The Scone Witch // Multiple Locations

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The Belmont // 1169 Bank St

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The Soca Kitchen // 93 Holland Ave

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The Savoy Brasserie // 334 Richmond Rd

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Chesterfield's Gastro Diner // 1433 Wellington St W

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Lieutenants Pump // 361 Elgin Street 

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Erling's Variety // 225 Strathcona Ave

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Café Cinq Sens // 399 Alexandre-Taché Blvd