17 One-Sentence Resolutions Every Ottawan Should Have For 2017

2017's our year.
17 One-Sentence Resolutions Every Ottawan Should Have For 2017

I'm a commitment-phobe. I like to think in the short-term all too often and find a lot of long-term goals daunting. Needless to say, there's still plenty I want to accomplish in 2017.

How many times have we abandoned resolutions all too quickly in the new year? We've all been there: we've stopped going to the gym, cheated on the diet too many times or stopped writing that book we daydreamed about. We've broken down our resolutions in Ottawa this year just to simple sentences because, really, many big goals are often not so big.

Here are 17 one-sentence resolutions every Ottawan should (and can do) in the new year:

1. Get more in touch with nature.

We spend so much of our daily lives on the OC Transpo or in our office chairs, yet we're so lucky to be in a city surrounded by immense nature. Take even just a day off to hike in Gatineau Park.

2. Get closer with your siblings.

Like Mom probably already told you, blood's thicker than water. Friends come and go, but your annoying brother or sister is (God forbid) here to stay. Why not head downtown for some bonding time?

3. Spoil yourself.

2016 may not have been your year (or anyone's year), but that doesn't mean you deserve the same, or less, in 2017. Take a trip to Nordik Spa or any one of these places to de-stress yourself.

4. Stop making excuses to not travel.

Travelling doesn't mean you have to dish out whatever's left in your savings account to go to the Dominican or Europe. There's so many places to go to on road trips surrounding Ottawa, and I'm sure you haven't been to all of them (or at least haven't been in a while). Grab your squad and go on a road trip to a picturesque town like Chelsea or a smaller city like Kingston.

5. Get cultured.

Go to one of Ottawa's amazing museums, like the National Art Gallery or the War Museum.

6. Try a new cuisine.

Whether it's Vietnamese or Polish, Ottawa is such a multi-cultural city that you'll never fail to find something you haven't tried before.

7. Focus less on the Insta and more on the present.

I hate that this is coming out of my own mouth. I love social media more than I should, but why not take a quiet walk or head to a social event without the intention of taking a photo for the 'Gram?

8. Learn a new sport.

There's plenty to try in Ottawa. Maybe you're in the minority and haven't learned to skate. Maybe you don't know how to ski or snowboard. There's plenty of areas in the city (especially for winter sports) to try something new. Hey, you might even be good at it.

9. Say "Hi" to everyone around you.

Don't just show your bus pass to the OC Transpo or your Air Miles card to the Metro cashier. A “good morning” can really make somebody's day.

10. Be kind to your body.

You only have one. Take a crossfit class, jog more and eat less Rideau Street McDonald's.

11. Take a picture a day.

Make 2017 a memorable year by creating an album of 365 pictures. It's a simple and easy way to document your life. And did I mention there's plenty of places to take beautiful pictures in this city?

12. Do what scares you.

The nation's highest bungee jump chord is just a half-hour drive from the city and the Rockcliffe Airport offers tandem skydiving in the spring/summer.

13. Go green.

Let's keep this beautiful city clean. Throw out less and recycle more, and get creative while doing it. Ever consider going to one of the city's thrift stores to buy your new wardrobe?

14. Be comfortable with yourself.

Don't apologize for that resting bitch face and don't feel guilty for trying that treat for your sweet tooth.

15. Try at least one new shawarma place.

We're the shawarma capital of Canada and I'm absolutely, 100% positive you haven't tried all the places yet. Here's a list to narrow down the options.

16. Re-connect with old friends.

As we grow older, we start to lose touch with people we were once so close with in high school or uni. Sometimes, this is natural (people do come and go for a reason). But, still, we should always keep in touch in person and not just over social media. Try to arrange a coffee date once a week. There's plenty of super cute places in Ottawa where you can arrange a casual meet up.

17. Sleep more, nap more.

We're always complaining about how we never get enough sleep or how inhumane it is for us to wake up so early to catch the OC Transpo to work or school. Get those 6-8 hours to give yourself that extra energy in the morning.

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