We've all been there - recently single and depressed, moping around, and drunk texting our exes. However, at the end of every storm is a rainbow, so eventually, we move on. Once we get to the "finally free" stage of a breakup, we realize just how many amazingly fun things to do single there are.

With that being said, it's always good to know that Ottawa, a city dominated by a younger generation, has so many things to do if you're single - and happy about it! From restaurants, to clubs, to things you can do solo, here's a list of places you need to head to if there's no ring on your finger:

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El Furniture Warehouse // 77 Clarence St

This is the place to go if you want to live carelessly and freely. They always play bangers and the food is extremely cheap - it's just 4.95 for a full meal. Additionally, they have a full bar meaning if you need to get wasted, you most definitely can.

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Nordik Spa-Nature // 16 Chemin Chelsea

You deserve to pamper yourself! Pull out your best bathing suit and go enjoy a day at the spa Nordik. You can do this alone or with friends; whatever you decide, just make sure to have fun!

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Skyzone // 2935 Conroy Rd 

This is an all ages spot so whether you choose to go with your girl gang or with your younger sibling, it's always a blast! Skyzone is basically a huge trampoline park with basketball nets, a foam pit, and a dodge ball court - let your inner competition reign.

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Jigsaw Escape Rooms // 12 ByWard Market Square #2

The perfect thing to do with a big group of your best friends! You get locked in a room and have to find clues in order to figure out how to get out; with Halloween right around the corner, this is the perfect fun activity!

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Gatineau Park // Gatineau

With the weather cooling down and the leaves changing colours, why not go for a nice hike? You'll enjoy the scenery and get a breath of fresh air, you'll also get to clear your thoughts and remember who's number 1 in your life - YOU!

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PPL Nightclub // 130 George St. 

THE nightclub to go to in Ottawa if you want to feel like a baller, badass, and a celebrity all in the same night. You will 100% get a VIP treatment here, and you have access to bottles, booths, and shisha; the choice is yours!

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Andaz Rooftop Patio // 325 Dalhousie St.

Looking for a view of the city to enjoy with your besties? Andaz has got your back. Serving great food and drinks, this rooftop patio will definitely get you your next fire IG pic!

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MC Laser Clinic and Hair Salon // 1200 Prince of Wales Dr. 

You 100% deserve to treat yourself to a facial! Clear up your skin and pamper yourself by visiting this totally underrated salon. If you're feeling extra frisky, you can even get your hair done afterwards! Amazing!

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Queen Nails // 312 Montreal Rd.

Why stop the pampering there when you could go get an extra fabulous design at Queen Nails? Infamous for their crazy, wild, and super special nail art and designs, Queen Nails has some very loyal clients and they're always packed due to their notoriety. You should probably book in advance but you definitely won't regret it.

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Camp Fortune // 300 Chemin Dunlop

During the Summer and Fall, you can go zipling at Camp Fortune with your girls! Another thing you'd probably want to wait until the winter for, but when it comes around is skiing at Camp Fortune. Grab your best friends and go hit the slopes.

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Express Yourself // 130 George St.

Maybe you're not trying to go all out but you still want to flex on your ex. That's where Express Yourself comes into play; whether it's live music, karaoke, shisha, event nights, live paintings, or more, Express Yourself has got it.

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Common Eatery // 380 Elgin St 

For all the girls who've got their hair done, nails done, everything did! Whether you're going there to eat or for the after dinner hours, Common Eatery is for all the boujee single ladies. You'll also get to feel like Kim K when you pose beside the massive rose wall!

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Lansdowne VIP Theatres // 325 Marche Way #107

Why not catch a new movie while getting treated like the royalty you are? At the new VIP Cineplex Theaters at Lansdowne, this can be your reality! They serve drinks, food, and you get some big, comfy, seats.

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Nutella Cafe // 193 Metcalfe St 

How else can I convince you than by simply stating nutella... and lot's of it. Live life carelessly, forget about the calories, and indulge!

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Parachute Go // 1717 Rue Arthur-Fecteau

This is for all the bad ass single Ottawa girls; skydiving! Definitely a great way to get in touch with your inner daredevil.

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Great Canadian Bungee // 1780 Quebec Route 105

If jumping out of a plane is a little too extreme for you, there's always the option to go bungee jumping! Not only is Great Canadian Bungee located in a beautiful water quarry, you'll get such a thrill when you dangle down to the waters.

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Visit a psychic // Various Locations

If you're single and proud, then you know that this breakup is just a blessing in disguise! Why not head to a psychic and see what's in store for your future? Maybe a new bae or just some well deserved you time.