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17 Ottawa Restaurants For People Who Only Order Appetizers

Small piece of heaven.

If you're like me, then you probably have a hard time choosing what to eat at a restaurant. You probably want a bite of everything, and you order multiple appetizers that are probably cheaper than ordering a full meal. Some restaurants actually have a small plate menu, and it's one of the best things to happen to people like us.

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Tapas, chips and guac, small tacos, mac and cheese, we want it all. And you can definitely have it all at these restaurants. If you only order appetizers, here are 17 restaurants in Ottawa you need to check out. You won't be disappointed!

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Common Eatery // 380 Elgin St

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The Moonroom // 442 Preston St

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Play Food and Wine // 1 York St

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Town // 296 Elgin St

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Prohibition Public House // 337 Somerset St W

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Riviera // 62 Sparks St

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The Soca Kitchen // 93 Holland Ave

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Bar Laurel // 1087 Wellington St W

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Aroma Meze // 239 Nepean St

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Must Kitchen & Wine Bar // 41 William St

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Atari // 297 Dalhousie St

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Bier Markt // 156 Sparks St

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Wellington Gastropub // 1325 Wellington Street West

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Sidedoor // 18 York St

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La Roma Restaurant // 430 Preston St

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Mulligans Golf Bar // 201 Queen St

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The Black Tomato // 11 George St