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17 Places In Ottawa That Sell Desserts For $2, $5, & $10

For everyone with a sweet tooth.

A day out isn't complete without a sweet dessert. I have a massive sweet tooth, from ice cream to cookies I love it all. If you like to plan how much you're going to spend on a day out then this list is definitely going to help you. There are so many dessert places in Ottawa, but sometimes you choose places based purely on the prices. 

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After a pricey dinner out you may only want to spend $2 on a dessert or after a cheap AF dinner, you may want to treat yourself for dessert. Whatever you need to budget for this list of desserts based on price is sure to help you plan for a sweet treat. 

$2 Desserts 

$5 Desserts 

$10 Desserts 

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$2 Desserts

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Maverick's Donut Company // 1500 Bank St

Signature donuts: $2.85, Build your own: $1.85

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Playa Del Popsical // 809 Bank Street 

$2-3 per pop

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Quelque Chose Pâtisserie // 274 Montreal Rd

$2-3 per macaron

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Suzy Q Donuts // 969 Wellington St

$2 per donut

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Boko Bakery // 280 Elgin St

$2-3 per cookie

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$5 Desserts

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Holland's Cake & Shake // 229 Armstrong St

$4-5 cakes, $6 “cake shake”

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Pure Gelato // Multiple Locations

$4-6 per cone or cup

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The Cupcake Lounge // Multiple Locations

$3.95 per cupcake and $3.75 - 3.95 per pop

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Burgers n' Fries Forever // Multiple Locations

$6 per ice cream sandwich

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Sugar Marmalade Ottawa // 180 Rideau St

$3-7 per dessert

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Hangout // 839 Somerset St W

$5 desserts

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$10 Desserts

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Joey Restaurants // Multiple Locations

$7-9.50 per dessert

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Sundae School Ottawa // 222 Beechwood Avenue

$5.50 mini, $8 regular, $10.50 mega

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Cocao 70 // Multiple Locations

$10-25 per dessert

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Sidedoor // 18 York St 

$7.50 for 3 donuts

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Stella Luna Gelato Cafe // Multiple Locations

$6-10 for ice cream or desserts

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Oh So Good // Multiple Locations

$7.50 per slice of cake