17 Things To Do In Ottawa On Your Own If Your Friends Are Flaky

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17 Things To Do In Ottawa On Your Own If Your Friends Are Flaky

We've all been there. You know the feeling when you've made plans with your BFFs yet something in the pit of your stomach tells you they're going to flake. And then, it happens. What do you do? 

Fortunately, Ottawa has a bunch of things to do solo. The worrying feeling of wondering if your friends are going to cancel on you leaving you with nothing to do doesn't have to be a concern. So, if your friends are flops, here's a list of things you can enjoy with or without them:

1. Enjoy a cup of coffee at the Ministry of Coffee

Where: 279 Elgin St.

The coffee here is to die for and the cafe is totally worth the IG pic. Treat yourself to a little caffeine boost to start your day at the Ministry of Coffee. No need for friends, either!


2. Take advantage of all the activities you can do by the Canal

From skating in the Winter to jogging around the paths to paddle boarding on the river, there is so much to do! These are definitely all activities that you can do solo so don't feel too bad if your friends ditch you.


3. Go on a shopping spree at Rideau Centre 

Where: 50 Rideau St. #300

Shopping can totally be a sort of therapy so why not treat yourself to a little splurge? The expansion of Rideau Centre has brought us so many new stores and things to do! Treat yourself!


4. Create and paint your own ceramic at Mud Oven

Where: 1065 Bank St.

This activity can be extremely fun but also extremely relaxing. You get to create and design your own ceramic to take home. It's totally affordable and totally something you can do solo.


5. Partake in a hot yoga class and get your sweat on

Where: various locations

Purify your soul while you enter a state of relaxation during hot yoga. This activity is available at so many places in Ottawa that you try out a bunch of different classes until you find your fav teacher and location. 

6. Get intact with nature by going on a hike in Gatineau Park

Going for a hike can be extremely relaxing and enjoyable! Fortunately, Ottawans have Gatineau Park located 15 minutes from downtown and it's definitely a literal breath of fresh air. 


7. Let go of your fears by going bungee jumping

Where: 1780 Quebec Route #105

This is for all the daredevils out there! Feel your adrenaline rush while you drop down right above a quarry. Since bungee jumping is done solo, you won't even need your friends to do this.


8. Live out your Nutella dreams at the Nutella Cafe

Where: 193 Metcalfe St.

Who doesn't love Nutella?! It tastes good AF, and this restaurant has a menu entirely dedicated to it. Let your friends ditch you while you send your taste buds to Heaven!


9. Enjoy a heart brunch at Allo Mon Coco

Where: 2277 Riverside Dr.

Brunch is amazing in itself but Allo Mon Coco makes it that much better. Whether you're a fan of the super-chocolatey dishes or the plain old eggs and bacon, they've got it all.


10. Enjoy a fresh and hot beaver tail in the ByWard Market

Where: 69 George St.

Beaver tails are definitely a staple dessert in Ottawa. Why not treat yourself to one to get over the fact that your friends are flaky? You most likely won't regret it!


11. Unleash your inner artist at Paint Nite

Where: Various locations

Discover a new talent by partaking in a local paint nite! These events always sell out because of how popular they are and they can be really fun. It's totally something you could do solo, too!


12. Explore one of Ottawa's many museums

Where: various locations

Whether it's the Museum of Nature or the Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa has a bunch of museums waiting for you to explore. Learn something new while you enjoy the activities and displays at your own pace.

13. Grab lunch at award-winning pizzeria Louis' Pizza

Where: 181 McArthur Ave.

If your friends bail on you for lunch, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy yourself! Louis' Pizza has some of the best pizza in Ottawa but you'll only know once you try it.


14. Treat yourself like a VIP at Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne 

Where: 325 Marché Way #107

Going to the movies alone can be a totally relaxing and fun experience. Why not treat yourself like a VIP while you're add and head to Cineplex Cinemas at Lansdowne where you can buy drinks and food!


15. Head to Sweet Jesus and enjoy some dessert

Where: 97 Clarence St.

This place has some of the craziest ice cream you'll probably ever come across! It's so good, though, and if one thing's for sure, you won't need any friends to enjoy!


16. Enjoy a performance show at PPL Nightclub

Where: 130 George St.

You don't need friends to enjoy talent, right?! Head to this performative show that takes place every Wednesday inside PPL Nightclub. Express Yourself features all local artists and you can totally grab a drink and sit back.


17. Channel your inner tourist and take a tour bus around the city

Where: 59 Sparks St. 

This activity is so much fun and you can totally blend in to go incognito. Take a tour of the city with the Lady Dive bus that transforms into a boat! Who knows what new facts you'll learn about Ottawa.


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