17 Things You'll Never Hear A Carleton Student Say

Who and what is a Richcraft Hall.
17 Things You'll Never Hear A Carleton Student Say

November: The month of regret. At Carleton, we're very vocal and you'll definitely hear us complaining about a lot of stuff this month. We're still never waking up for that 8:30am lecture and no, we still haven't started that research paper that's due tonight. God help us.

We may be complaining about a lot of stuff right now, but there's some things you will just never absolutely hear out of a Raven's mouth. Never. Here's a list of 17 things you'll never hear a Carleton student say:

1. "Richcraft Hall."

It's River Building. Get it right.

2. "I look beautiful in my student card photo."

*Hides forever*

3. "Let's go swim in the Canal."

Let's not.

4. "Let's go buy baked goods from a sorority today."

Or we can go get a Tim Horton's bagel instead.

5. "CU Wireless always has my back when I need it."

Oh, lost the connection again.

6. "I hope we actually win the Panda Game this year."


7. "It was so quiet in the University Centre this afternoon."

Minus the flash mob and career fair crammed into one room.

8. "Do you ever just wish you went to Ottawa U instead?"

Like, I've had doubts about my life, but nothing like that.

9. "I packed my own lunch today."

Twelve Tim Horton's breakfast sandwiches later...

10. "I've never seen a building more beautiful than the Minto Centre."

Yeah, maybe if you lived in the Soviet Union.

11. "I will get a seat on the bus today."

No you will not.

12. "I've never heard of ratemyprofessors.com."

Girl, that's the reason for my existence.

13. "I never want to use that swing in the quad."

Yes you do. Everybody does. Move, it's my turn.

14. "I never ran to catch the O-Train."


15. "I just want to move back into res."

No you don't.

16. "Thank God for these bus shelters for keeping me so warm in the winter."

Hypothermia is the number one cause of death for students at CU.

17. "The Timmies line is actually short today!"

Only in our dreams.

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