So, you’ve lived in Ottawa all your life. You’ve been to the ByWard Market a lot, but you just end up eating at the Rideau Centre food court to save money. Don’t worry, we all know what it’s like.

It’s either that, or you’re visiting Ottawa and you want to know all the amazing restaurants we have to offer. Hint: Most of them are located in the ByWard Market. So whether you’re trying to turn into a foodie, or you’re visiting Ottawa for some reason, you need to check out all of these restaurants. Yes, all.

The more the merrier, right? All of these restaurants are completely different in their own way, and everyone loves variety. So here are 18 bucket list restaurants every Ottawa must try in the ByWard Market.

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Ahora Mexican Cuisine // 307 Dalhousie St

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The King Eddy // 45 Clarence St

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The Grand Pizzeria And Bar // 74 George St

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Social // 537 Sussex Dr

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Ace Mercado // 121 Clarence St

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Tomo // 109 Clarence St

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Benny’s Bistro // 119 Murray St

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Shafali Indian Restaurant // 308 Dalhousie St

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The Smoque Shack // 129 York St

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Zak’s Diner // 14 Byward Market Square

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Sidedoor // 18 York St

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Dunn’s Famous // 355 Dalhousie St

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The Senate Sports Tavern & Eatery // 33 Clarence Street

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Atari // 297 Dalhousie St

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Pho By Night // 309 Dalhousie St

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Kinki Lounge & Kitchen // 41 York St

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Mamma Grazzi's Kitchen // 25 George St

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The Black Tomato // 11 George St