There's always that one person that ruins it for the rest. That person that always talks about the weather, whether it's winter in the summer or summer in the winter and what the weather will be the next day. We never seem to care until it actually hits us that we can't breathe normally outside because of how disgustingly humid it is. For all of those people working outside, how? How do you do it? Ottawa is notorious for it's humid AF summers and it's glass cutting cold winters but we still are never actually prepared for it.

There is only so much we can do, especially since wearing your bra and underwear to walk outside isn't exactly seen as appropriate. So instead of coming to a solution, we'll just complain about it until the beginning of September like always. So here are 18 GIFs that perfectly represent our feelings about this damn Ottawa heatwave.

When you're about to get off of the OC Transpo.

Can people see my ass sweating?

When you're still carrying a little bit of that winter weight around.

When your air conditioning at work is 'broken'.

Take the money out of my damn paycheque to fix it, I'll do ANYTHING.

Walking literally anywhere as a girl...

Seeing those people on the street who glisten in the heat instead of sweat.

You think you're pretty great, eh?

Deciding to go for a run and looking in the mirror afterwards.

Sweat literally everywhere.

Forgetting your blotting sheets at home.

Putting your hair up in a bun because who has the time for humidity?

Whenever there is a slight breeze, you make sure you don't take it for granted.

You genuinely worry about getting heat stroke just from walking from your car to the store.

This minute walk in the parking lot is torture.

All of the Irish and Scottish folks out there... we're here for you.

Immediately regretting getting ice cream because one lick and...

It's everywhere.

Can we wear our bathing suits to work?

There is no clothing article that can make this heat any more bearable.

When your friend offers to drive but decides to roll down the windows to save gas.

What are you trying to prove?

Trying to tan in this weather like...

When someone mentions it's going to be cooler out tomorrow.

And then you hear them say 'yeah, only 30 degrees!'

When you're sick of all of those heat warnings to stay inside.

Then coming to the conclusion that leaving your house just isn't worth it.

If anyone needs me, I'll be eating my weight in freezies and refusing to put pants on.