18 Most Important Life Lessons FRIENDS Has Taught Us All

More than just a TV show.
18 Most Important Life Lessons FRIENDS Has Taught Us All

Friends. The show where you feel like you're actually friends with these 6 characters, or you tell each of your friends which ones they are. Let's be real, we all either want to be Chandler or Phoebe. Throughout the 10 seasons of the show, we saw these 6 people grow so much and whether you watched from when you were a kid, or just binged it when it came onto Netflix, you also grew up with them.

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As much as we all know it's quite impossible to live in New York City, in huge apartments with job titles like waitress or freelance massage therapist, we never questioned it at all. Their lives were far from perfect, but they taught us a lot of lessons that we needed to learn. Whether it's that you shouldn't work out when you have a hernia or that not everything comes easy in life (Monica had to wear fake boobs to work for a while, don't forget), they were lessons we'll take with us everywhere. Serious or not, it's the most bingeable (not a word, now a word) and best show ever. So here are 18 most important life lessons Friends taught us.

1. Phoebe taught us you shouldn't give a shit what people think about you.

The episode where Rachel was embarrassed to run with Phoebe because she 'ran weird' was the prime example of this. Phoebe told Rachel that you'll never see those people again, so who cares if you run funny? As weird as she is, we can always learn something from Phoebe.

2. Ross taught us to take a break when it's clearly needed.

Let's all remember when Ross had a mental breakdown when his boss ate his leftover turkey sandwich from Thanksgiving. He was already on the edge after his impending divorce from Emily and getting evicted from his apartment. This blackout rage that Ross had over a sandwich was the prime example of putting yourself first.

3. Joey taught us that it's 100% okay to be curvy and like your body.

When Rachel's sister Amy tells Joey that a moment that 'A moment on the lips, is a lifetime on the hips', Joey tells her he's curvy and he likes it. We all know he will never say no to food, especially pizza and meatball sandwiches. We should all be like Joey, and if you like something, just f*cking eat it.

4. Chandler taught us to always be yourself, even if you're a guy and like musicals.

Chandler doesn't watch sports and love musicals, and he especially loves Miss Congeniality. Who cares? Except Phoebe. She for sure thought (and still thinks) he's gay.

5. Ross and Rachel taught us that if it's meant to be, it will be.

10 seasons of being on and off, having a baby together, saying the wrong name at the alter and they finally get together in the end. I mean, how many people would not rewatch the show if Ross and Rachel didn't end up together in the end? I know I wouldn't.

6. They all taught us that life really does suck sometimes.

If your best friend dates your ex girlfriend while you're still in love with her, you're not fine. Or if you get fired from your job so you have to wear a wig and fake boobs to serve food, you're not fine. But in the end it all worked out, even though it's a damn TV show.

7. Rachel taught us that if you work hard and you're confident, you can do anything.

She had nothing, not even her dad's money when she left her fiancé at the alter. She became a waitress, and slowly worked her way into fashion and got her dream job in Paris at Louis Vuitton. Even though she never ended up taking the job, she didn't let anyone tell her she didn't have enough experience.

8. They all taught us it's okay not to have a plan.

Not in school? No plan to go to school? Chill. It's not a big deal. The best things come from not having a plan, and that's usually when things start happening for you!

9. Monica taught us it's never too late to change who you are.

She didn't want to be known as Fat Monica anymore, but it was also secretly to get revenge on Chandler for calling her fat. She completely changed who she was, and now embraced her inner fat self by becoming a chef.

10. Joey taught us to always go for what you want.

You like a girl but you like her food more? Go for what you want. If Joey isn't sorry about it, you shouldn't be either. Going for your best friends ex girlfriend is a little much, but follow your heart. Always follow your heart!

11. Chandler taught us that you are for sure not defined by your job title.

Nobody knew nor cared what Chandlers job title was, even Monica admitted she didn't listen when he talked about it. He eventually left his career in as an IT Procurement Manager and went into advertising. "Cheese, it's milk that you chew!"

12. Phoebe taught us to do things you love even if you're not the greatest at them.

Let's just put it this way–Phoebe was awful at singing and everyone except her knew it. But her friends never made her stop because she was embarrassing them, they all embraced it. Except that one time they told her she was awful and she laughed in their faces. Confidence can get you far, friends.

13. Ross taught us the importance of grammar. And how embarrassing it is to not know the difference between similar words.

If you're trying to win any argument, make sure your grammar is correct. Your = your. You're = you are. There = where you are. Their = possession. They're = they are.

14. Rachel taught us to never make a pros and cons list on somebody you love.

Just because someone doesn't have insecurities doesn't mean they're not there. Think before you speak or comment on someones appearance or life, and never make a pros and cons list on if you should be with someone or not.

15. Chandler taught us you don't have to be great at advice, just be there for your friends.

Even though Chandler is witty and hilarious as fuck, that doesn't mean he's great at giving advice. His advice is to ask Monica instead, which is probably true. However, there is nothing like a good friend that can make you laugh in hard times especially if they're there for you through it all.

16. Joey, Phoebe and Chandler taught us just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to grow up.

When times get tough, make a fort, watch TV in it and invite your friends over. Life is hard, but if you can find times to still be silly and act like a kid, 100% do it.

17. They all taught us to live with a friend at least once in your life.

You'll have your entire life to live with your husband or wife, so live with a friend if it's convenient for you. Those will be your best years and your funnest memories. I mean, we have 10 seasons of friends living together and fuck, it looks fun.

18. And they also taught us, good friends will always be there for you. No matter what.

Breakups, marriages, divorces, kids, faking that you're in a movie when you're really just a gladiator in Vegas–the list goes on and on. Friends will understand your troubles but love you despite of them, and they'll get you out of mistakes too. Oh, and they'll try and be supportive when you decide to pack up and leave to Westchester County to start a family but will miss you like hell.