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18 Secret Places In Ontario To Bring Your Girlfriend This Spring

The ultimate spring 2018 bucket list.

Ontario is filled with beautiful places. It's a stunning province that has a ton of nature, secret spots, and when the weather gets nicer there is no beating this place. You can now take your winter tires off, put the windows down, and just cruise. And if you're looking to treat your GF or S/O, these are the perfect spots to do so. 

Even though there are amazing spots in Ontario that everyone knows such as Niagara Falls, Wonderland, and just about every other spot in Toronto, there are some hidden and secret spots that everyone will love. Whether you're adventurous, more of the low key type, or you just like exploring, all of these are for you and your bae. 

I've thrown in a ton of nature spots, but definitely didn't forget about restaurants, cafes, and ice cream spots. These are all the perfect way to start out spring, before all of the flowers bloom and summer is right away the corner. You don't need the perfect beach bod for these spots, just you and your love. Here are 18 secret places in Ontario to bring your girlfriend this spring!

Point Pelee National Park

Where: Leamington, Ontario

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Why you should go: Point Pelee National Park has a stunning 1-km floating boardwalk that is surrounded by water and greenery. It's open all year round, but it's absolutely beautiful in the spring. We call this a 'secret' because it's Canada's second smallest national park, which means it doesn't get talked about enough.

Moonlight Glamping

Where: Elora, Ontario

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Why you should go: Who wants to go regular camping when you have the option of glamping? If you're not familiar with glamping, it's basically glamorous camping where you sleep in tents that have actual beds, curtain tents, and so much more. They don't have one campsite, but if you book with them they'll come to whatever campsite you're at and hook it up for you! Definitely a boujee way to camp, but if your GF isn't keen on sleeping on the ground, this is the next step.

Bathtub Island 

Where: Lake Superior Provincial Park - Wawa, Ontario

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Why you should go: Why shouldn't you go?! It's like a huge bathtub, hence the name. Although this probably won't be warm enough until late spring, that's okay. It's worth the road trip no matter what. They call this Bathtub Island because it's surrounded by rocks, and it's in it's own little cove. It's definitely a hidden gem, and if you're craving a trip to an island, this is the next best thing.

Carp Custom Creamery 

Where: Ottawa, Ontario

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Why you should go: A lot of places in Ontario have amazing ice cream spots. But if you want the real deal, Carp Custom Creamery is definitely a great place to start. It's so old school that it's located in a little house and you order through a window. Open daily from 11 to 9, this creamery has a ton of different options from classic vanilla to salted peanut. And if you're a kid at heart, they also have options like bubblegum. Yum!

The Sheraton Centre Hotel 

Where: Toronto, Ontario

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Why you should go: I know this picture probably doesn't look like much, but it is a huge secret gem in Toronto. At the Sheraton Centre Hotel, they have a rooftop pool that's heated all year round. The pool is half indoors half outdoors, so no matter what the weather it doesn't matter. You can either book a night here or spend $30 for a day pass, and there is also a bar inside.

Allan's Mills 

Where: Perth, Ontario

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Why you should go: You're probably looking at this picture and thinking, huh? Why would I want to go there? Well, Allan's Mills is a ghost town in Perth that is creepy AF. Even though it's said to not be haunted, these buildings are so old and abandoned that it has to be. There are 0 streetlights so it gets even weirder at night, and you will hardly see anyone walking around. This is one of the most preserved and best kept ghost towns in Ontario and Canada, so change it up and see something weird!

Bonnechere Caves

Where: Eganville, Ontario

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Why you should go: Well, you probably shouldn't if you're extremely claustrophobic. But these caves have been open to the public for over 55 years, and they currently have guided tours through the stunning caves. If you're looking to see a natural wonder, this is it. You'll also come across bats flying around and waterfalls, so this is an experience like no other.

Mira Restaurant

Where: Toronto, Ontario

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Why you should go: Because this spot is actually secret. This all-new restaurant in Toronto is pretty secretive, as it has no clear sign that you've made it to the right spot. Located on a brick wall is a small sign saying "Mira" and then you follow the lanterns down until you see a neon llama sign, and then you know you've made it to the right spot. Mira Restaurant is a Peruvian restaurant that is absolutely delicious, so the secrecy is well worth it.

Sand Hill Park

Where: Port Burwell, Ontario

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Why you should go: This beautiful beach is open all year round, but obviously it's best to go in late spring/the summer. Towering over the beach is a moutain of sand that's 450 feet up. While it's pretty steep so you can't lay on the actual mountain, it's so nice to look at. Of course they have other spots along the beach that you can tan on all day, but this is a great spot to take your bae if they're sick of the beaches at home.

Belfountain Conservation Area

Where: Belfountain, Ontario

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Why you should go: Belfountain Conservation Area has so much going for it. There are stunning waterfalls, bridges over the water, and places where you can hike. If you and your bae are in love with nature, this is the perfect spot for a date. Once all of the snow has melted, the waterfall becomes like a mini Niagara Falls and you can't miss it!

The Dominion Arboretum 

Where: Ottawa, Ontario

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Why you should go: Cherry Blossoms scream spring, and you can find these gorgeous trees in Ottawa. If you're nearby, this is a great place to take a romantic picture, and Ottawa isn't as lucky as Toronto as in Cherry Blossoms don't bloom all over this city. Dominion Arboretum is a special place in Ottawa where they bloom, and nothing is more beautiful.

Rock Dunder

Where: Kingston, Ontario

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Why you should go: This trail in Kingston takes you 275 feet above the ground, and the views are so worth it. It only opens May 15th, but then you'll be able to hike this trail without any form of jacket. This part of Rock Dunder is called the Summit Loop, and it offers a stunning view of the Rideau Waterway.

Joes Family Pizzeria 

Where: Pembroke, Ontario

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Why you should go: If you and your GF are foodies, then why not take on an eating challenge? The summer bikini bods can wait. In Pembroke at Joes Family Pizzeria, you can eat 13 pounds of pizza. Yes, 13 pounds and 30 inches. Joes 30" Team Pizza Challenge is where you get three people to finish the pizza in one hour. So you can bring along one of your friends to help join you! If you win, you'll get the pizza for free, your team picture on the wall, and an $150 gift card to the restaurant. If you lose, well, you pay $75 for the pizza. Find out more info here.

Copper Spirits and Sights

Where: Ottawa, Ontario

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Why you should go: If you find Ottawa boring, you won't after making a trip to the Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market. On the rooftop, they have a bar named Copper Spirits and Sights where you can look out to the city and the views of Downtown Ottawa are unreal. It's boujee AF, but it's open all year round as they have heaters. Spring would be the perfect time to venture up to the rooftop and have a few drinks with your bae.

The Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower

Where: Dwight, Ontario

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Why should you go: This lookout point is sure to bring you all the views. The original tower was built in 1922 and then it was rebuilt in 1967 and has been standing tall ever since. When you're on top, it stands at 465 ft in the air and gives you 360 degree panoramic views. It opens again this year on Victoria Day weekend, so make a plan to go there ASAP!

Juniper Cafe

Where: Kingston, Ontario

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Why you should go: Juniper Cafe is hidden in the Tett Centre in Kingston, and it's well worth the find. The stunning cafe is filled with light brick and blue walls, so you'll feel super relaxed. You can go on a date here, and their menu changes weekly so if you like it a lot, coming back to try all their items wouldn't be a bad idea!

Cyprus Lake Trail 

Where: Tobermory, Ontario

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Why you should go: Now this is a hidden gem if I've ever seen one. This trail will make you feel like you're in the rainforest and it has a wooden boardwalk so you can easily navigate through the trail. If you and your bae love nature, this needs to be put on your bucket list. It's 5-km long, and leads to popular sites like the Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Remic Rapids Park 

Where: Ottawa, Ontario

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Why you should go: Now this may not look like much, but seeing these rocks defy gravity in person is insane and so interesting. They were created by someone named John Felice Ceprano, who says back in 1986 the Remic Rapids site along the Ottawa River was boring to look at. These change yearly, as he has spent 30 years every summer teaching people how to balance rocks at this exact spot. It's a sight to see, and nothing compares than seeing these formations at sunset.