After weeks and weeks of insanely hot weather, fall has finally decided to arrive. Since it's fall the things we have been snacking on will also begin to change. It's time to take the 180 degree turn to foods that will warm us up instead of cool us off.

Whether it's a hot drink or a hot soup, having something warm sure does make us feel better about the chilly weather. We can finally get into the fall mood because I'm pretty sure from here it's downhill until winter. These 19 yummy foods in Ottawa will surly warm you up!



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Pork Chop // Pinelopi's Greek Kitchen

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Bò Kho // Ox Head Restaurant

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Butter Chicken // Host India

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Vegan Poutine // Pure Kitchen

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Ramen // Sansotei Ramen

Mac and Cheese // The SmoQue Shack

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Pho // Pho Bo Ga King

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Soup and Meatball Sub // Soup Guy Cafe

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Tagliatelle // La Dolce Vita

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Smoked Potato Leek Soup // Café My House

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Risotto // Town.

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Molten Chocolate Cake // Vittoria Trattoria

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Fondue // Cocoa 70 

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Cinnoman Sugar BeaverTail // BeaverTails

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Apple Pie // Joey Restaurants

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Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie // Red Lobster

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Apple Crisp // Boston Pizza

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Sticky Toffee Pudding // Johnny Farina

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Loukoumades // Evoo