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19 Signs You Went To St. Joseph High School In Ottawa

"Let's go Jaguars!" *claps*
19 Signs You Went To St. Joseph High School In Ottawa

St. Joes. The bane of our existence as soon as we graduate high school. Just kidding, that place is pretty cool.

St. Joes is the place you discovered strawberry sunshine smoothies from Booster Juice, where your hate for the colour gold started and where the library is a place where no voice can ever be heard.

If you grew up in Barrhaven, you either went here, Mother Theresa High School or John McCrae Public School. St. Joes is a school that is obsessed with school pride, but there could be worse things. Like the orange and hot pink lockers–but let's not get into that. Us Jaguars will always have a soft spot in our hearts for that school, but not enough to get a paw print tattooed on our backs.

Here are 19 signs you went to St. Joseph High School:

1. You saw the Jag Jog as a day to stay home and do nothing.

Or you went solely for the shirts, which happen to be your favourite bed time shirts now.

2. Nothing killed your vibe like the librarians getting mad... again.

When whispering isn't quiet enough.

3. You were always threatened with uniforms, but never got them.

When you can't wear leggings, lululemon pants, ripped jeans, shorts, sleeveless tops, etc. The list goes on and on.

4. The big cookies from the caf for breakfast were everything.

Honestly, those were filled with some form of crack. Unreal.

5. Going into 9th grade was such an upgrade.

You didn't have to walk up to the third floor, and you got to go to RioCan for lunch.

6. You also always knew when someone came back from Subway.

The smell follows you everywhere.

7. If your older brother or sister was in the same school as you, you were referred to as their little sister or brother.


8. We all had that teacher that everyone still loves and talks about.

Shoutout to Mrs. Lee.

9. Kapow Pops at one point were the only reason you liked the school.

Nothing better than spending money your parents for lunch give you on pure sugar. I'll take a bubblegum one, please.

10. You secretly hated your friends for making you watch intramurals during lunch.

Was anything more boring?

11. One of the only things you miss from school is the caf food.

Chicken burgers, spicy fries, and pasta salad. Don't forget a chocolate milk, obviously.

12. 2:10 was the best time ever.

You booked it to your locker so you wouldn't miss your bus.

13. The staircase after the bell rang before lunch gave you anxiety.

Can I just take the elevator?

14. You still wonder why on earth we were forced to wear gold gym shorts.

There are no words for those gold gym shorts. None.

15. No one really knew why there was a rivalry between Mother Theresa and St. Joes, but it was there.

Same suburb, same gossip.

16. It wasn't a summer/fall morning without the smell of manure.

That barn across the street was quite the view. Watching cows sit down instead of listening to your teacher was a great distraction.

17. The Epilepsy Breakfast was an overall hit for everyone.

Give money, get food. Those were the days.

18. Your mood always depended on how good the song was before homeroom.

Are... are they playing Don't Stop Believin' by Journey again? Stop.

19. You always showed up with a smile and a hello, yet the caf ladies still hated you.

Whatever. Just give me my poutine, please.

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