20 Groupons You Must Take Advantage Of This December In Ottawa

Save money? Yes, please!
20 Groupons You Must Take Advantage Of This December In Ottawa

There's nothing better than doing something fun while knowing you saved a ton of money. Honestly, when you do something knowing you saved even $5 it can make your experience feel so much better. As a broke student I know the struggle of finding things to do while saving money. Groupons always come through with great deals. The thought of saving some of my money really excites me (and I'm sure other broke students feel the same).

Groupons can be super helpful when planning a fun day out with your friends or going on a date with your bae. December is an extremely busy and expensive month, the best thing you could do is save your money for the new year to come. So before heading out with your friends make sure to check if there is a groupon for what you're doing because at the end of the day it will save you all some money.

Whether you want to eat a meal for two for super cheap or if you're looking for a fun BFF group activity, there is always a groupon that will have your back. Spas and salons are also perfect for any day to completely unwind and relax from final exam stresses. Best of all you don't have to stay in Ottawa this December! There are plenty of groupons that will give you good travelling deals, so escape from the chilly weather and head to another country.


Fun Activities



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Mexican Food at Burrito Shack

Original Price: $69.99 Savings: $34.99 (50% off)

Why you should go: Burrito Shack's interior design is super cute and unique. From great murals to neon signs, this place has got its theme down. Not to mention the burritos and tacos here look absolutely delicious.

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Dinner Buffet at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Price: $12 - $24

Why you should go: You will have a one of a kind dining experience at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. Head here with your family of friends to work together to create a delicious hot pot of your own.


Poutine And Shakes at Flapjack's Canadian Diner

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Price: $20 - $40

Why you should go: Two poutines and two shakes?! If that doesn't sound like the perfect date night with your bae I don't know what does. At Flapjacks Canadian Diner you can eat a scrumptious poutine while sipping on a cold shake.


Dinner Package for Two or Four at Backdrop Food & Drink

Price: $45 - $90

Why you should go: If you're looking for fresh, locally sourced meals look no further. Backdrop Food and Drink changes their menu seasonally so you already know the food will be A1. Some of their food includes BBQ, Asian dishes, and burgers.


Dinner for Two or Four People at Kasbah Village Moroccan Cuisine

Price: $54 - $108

Why you should go: Never tried Moroccan food? Well it's time to elevate your tastebuds by trying out something new. At Kasbah Village Moroccan Cuisine you can eat indulge in traditional Moroccan cuisine while taking in the beautiful themed decorations.


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Jump Passes at Sky Zone

Price: $22 - $199

Why you should go: When you go to Sky Zone you are bound to have an insanely fun time! Bouncing on trampolines, playing dodgeball, and jumping in pits, this place will make your inner child burst out. Not only is this super fun, it is also a great workout!


Group Bowling at Elgin Bowling Lanes

Price: $29 - $39

Why you should go: Bowling is such a fun group activity. From predicting who will get a strike to seeing who consistently gets the gutter, it will definitely fill your day with cute memories.


Brewery Tours at Broadhead Brewing Company

Price: $12 - $49

Why you should go: If you're a lover of beer you have to do this. Broadhead Brewing Company is a new brewery in Nepean that is worth checking out. Two Ottawa locals began making beer in their basement and after experimenting, they decided to open their own craft brewery.


The Original Paint Nite at Local Bars

Price: $30 - $115

Why you should go: What better way to spend the night than painting while sipping on your favourite drinks. Paint Nite is a super fun activity that is perfect for your family, friends, or even your bae. This activity is extra nice because you get to keep the painting after it's done so you will never forget the experience.


Ottawa Ghosts and the Gallows Old Carleton County Jail Tour

Price: $16

Why you should go: Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean the spooking has to stop. If you're someone that loves having a good scare from time to time you should definitely go on this haunted jail tour.


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Manicure or Pedicure at Judy Nails

Price: $31 - $71

Why you should go: Get your nails looking fresh at Judy Nails. Normally I paint my own nails a new colour every week, but nothing is more fun that getting your nails done together with your BFFs for a mini-spa-treatment. 


Chinese Tuina Massage with Acupuncture at Woodroffe Health & Beauty Spa

Price: $50 

Why you should go: Do you really need a reason to get your back massaged?! After dealing with final exam stresses and the freezing weather, a good back massage will have you feeling completely relaxed in no time. 


60-Minute Customized Reflexology Treatment at Massage Addict 

Price: $40

Why you should go: Head to Massage Addict for a wonderful full hour treatment session that costs half than it normally does. Not only will your back be grateful for the massage, but your bank account will be happy too.


One or Three Refreshing Hydrating Facials with 15-Minute Massage at Ottawa Beauty Spa

Price: $65 - $190

Why you should go: Facials and a massage? Sign me up. At Ottawa Beauty Spa you will get the full treatment that you deserve. The beauty spa combines Eastern skin and body care philosophies with Western technology.


Haircut with Optional Full Color or Highlights at Hair By Amanda at Redound Spa

Price: $27

Why you should go: New year, New you, right? Head to Redound Spa for a hair transformation ready for 2018. There is honestly no better feeling than chopping off a bunch of your hair, you'll leave feeling chilled out and confident.


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Italy Vacation with Hotel and Air from Great Value Vacations

Price: $899

Why you should go: Although you won't be completely escaping the chilly weather you will definitely be back in fall weather mode. Rather than freezing your a** off here in Ottawa, head to Italy and indulge in yummy foods then explore colourful buildings.


Paris With Optional French Chateau Extension with Hotel and Air from Fleetway Travel - Paris and Augerville-la-Rivière

Price: $599

Why you should go: Head to Paris with your bae during the Holiday break. This will be the most romantic getaway you lovebirds will have. Strolling on the cobblestone paths while admiring the detailed architecture, you are bound to have a wonderful time.


Ireland Vacation with Villa, Air, and Rental Car from Great Value Vacations 

Price: $699

Why you should go: If you're someone that loves nature then you should definitely add Ireland to your travel bucket list. Explore the The Dublin Hellfire Club or the Cliffs of Moher, change up the usual Gatineau views with something totally different.


Toronto Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara Falls 

Price: $100/night

Why you should go: If spending more than $500 to take one flight is scaring you off from an Ottawa getaway trip, why don't you consider something closer to home? Niagara Falls is stunning and you are sure to have a fun time while visiting.


Dominican Republic The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club

Price: $88/night

Why you should go: 25° average temperature during December? Sign me up ASAP. Head to Punta Cana to fully escape from the cold weather and come back with a tan too. 


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