Netflix is pretty awesome, but after that insanely long winter we had, we're all pretty tired of binge watching shows. Now that the sun is shining on us it's time to get outside and explore our beautiful city. Whether you're an extreme thrill seeker looking for your next adrenaline rush or you're a chilled out person trying to find a patio to sit at, there are so many ways you can get outside this summer.

It's time to close your laptop and save Netflix for a rainy day because now that it's summer it's time to make the most of it! Summer goes by in a flash in Ottawa, sooner than we know it we'll be watching the leaves change colour! But before we get to that point it's time to hold onto summer for as long as you can by staying outside every single chance you get. It's so important to plan and accomplish as many things outside while the temperatures are still high.

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Go strawberry picking at Shouldice Berry Farm

From mid June to mid July strawberry picking season is in full swing. If you have never had the chance to go strawberry picking, this summer is your shot. Strawberry picking is such a fun activity, whether you're with family or your closest friends, their's nothing better than picking fresh strawberries to eat.

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Soak up the sun at Morrison's Quarry 

Morrison's Quarry will totally make you feel like you've escaped from Ottawa for the day. It is absolutely stunning, from the turquoise water to the pretty rocks, this is a beautiful place to chill at this summer. Pack your sunscreen and some snacks cause it's time to chill by the beach.

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Hit up one of Ottawa's Patios

There are so many patios in Ottawa you can head to this summer. Whether you're someone that loves rooftop patios with amazing views or someone who just likes the classic, there is a patio for everyone. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rays of sunshine as you sip away your day.

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Go jet-skiing with Jetski Ottawa

Calling all adrenaline lovers, this one is for you. Jetski Ottawa is a spot where you can rent a jetski and have a whole lot of fun! And no, you don't need a boat license or any experience. You can head to Jetski Ottawa to have an experience you will never forget.

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Watch an outdoor movie at Cine-Parc Templeton

If you're still not ready to give up movie watching, then this is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while also watching a movie. Cine-Parc Templeton is a drive in movie theatre and it plays movies throughout the summer. Pack up your popcorn and snacks because it's time to watch a movie like never before.

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Take in nature's beauty at Éco-Odyssée

Éco-Odyssée is a great place to go to completely immerse yourself in nature. You will be fully surrounded by the forest and the habitat of many beavers. You can rent a paddle boat and paddle down the river while taking in the amazing natural surroundings.

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Hike through the Luskville Falls Trail

Luskville Falls is a stunning trail that leads to great views of a pretty waterfall. This falls in Quebec is sure to have you soaking up the hot summer sun. During the trail you come across many different looking points of Quebec and Ottawa.

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Have a blast at Calypso Theme Waterpark 

What better way to enjoy summer than by going to a waterpark?! Calypso Theme Waterpark is so much fun. They offer up over 30 different types of rides. Whether you're someone that likes to get an adrenaline rush from crazy rides or someone that prefers to chill out at the lazy river, there really is something for everyone here.

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Go on a hot air balloon ride with Sundance Balloons

This summer activity is perfect for you if you have a special occasion. Whether it's a birthday or an engagement, hot air balloon rides are perfect. From the balloons you will see incredible views of Ottawa's Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal. If flying in a hot air balloon has always been on your bucket list, conquer it this summer.

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Have a picnic at an Ottawa Park

There are so many parks in Ottawa that are perfect to have a picnic at. Picnics are a staple summer activity. From the green grass surrounding you to the sun shining on you, there's no better way to embrace the warmth than by enjoying an outdoor picnic.

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Take a hike to Pink Lake

If you're looking for a relatively easy going hike Pink Lake is perfect. Pink Lake is a pretty simple hiking trail to an incredible view. The trail takes you around one of the pretties lakes in Gatineau Park. It is only 2.5 km to walk through and has some of the most outstanding views of turquoise water.

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Get competitive by going Mini-Putting

Mini-putting is a pretty underrated outdoor activity. It is such a fun and easy going way to enjoy the summer sun while having a fun competition. Whether you go with you friends or family this activity is sure to have you leave with a smile on your face.

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Whitewater raft down the Ottawa River with OWL Rafting

Thrill seekers, if mini-putting sounds like a real bore, then this is right up your ally. Whitewater rafting is sure to boost your heart rate on a hot summers day. You can also paddle board down the Ottawa river at OWL Rafting.

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Make some furry friends at Parc Omega 

If you're someone that absolutely loves animals as well as the outdoors, Parc Omega is definitely worth the trip. Here you'll be able to get up close and personal with so many animals all while enjoying the summer heat.

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Discover your new summer hideout at The Pond

The Pond is open from June to September between 7 am to 2 pm. It's a secret summer swimming spot that you and your friends can all chill at if you're looking for a new hideout. Pack up your towels and snacks because it's time to chill at this lowkey spot.

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Be an adventurer Arbraska Laflèche

Your entire day will be packed with adventure at Arbraska Laflèche. From zip-lining to aerial courses to cave explorations, the options of thrill seeking are truly endless. If you still have never visited this adventure zone, this summer is the perfect time to check it out.

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Camp out at the 4-Season Tent's 

This is a truly unique outdoor experience. Pack up your marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate because it's time to make some s'mores by the fire pit while you stay at the unique 4-Season Tent.

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Search for all of Ottawa's colourful murals

This fun outdoor activity is sure to have you walking around the city finding the best murals. The best part is that as you walk you will come across new spots in the city, whether you find a hidden coffeeshop or a cute jewellery store, there are so many things to find while looking for murals.

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Get outside to discover Princess Louise Falls

This pretty waterfall is hidden in Orleans and summer is the best time to check it out. The waterfall will make you feel like you're not in Ottawa for a second! It's pretty hidden, so be sure to have your exploring shoes on because it's time to discover Princess Louise Falls.

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Go on a boat ride with Capital Cruises

What better way to see the city? This boat ride will show you the best parts of downtown Ottawa. The ride will offer up new perspectives and views of Parliament Hill and the Rideau Falls. If you love sunsets, then you should definitely check out their special sunset cruise fro some unreal views.