Sometimes it's hard to know exactly where you can go to have a yummy vegan breakfast or sweet vegan desserts. Whether you're looking for a nice breakfast, a warm dinner, or a delicious sweet dessert there are many places in Ottawa that serve up great vegan dishes.

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It's time to plan exactly where you and your BFFs are going for breaky, lunch, dinner, and dessert. This list of 20 places will have you feeling satisfied in seconds.





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Pure Kitchen // 357 Richmond Road, 340 Elgin Street

Head to Pure Kitchen for a super yummy breakfast smoothie bowl. Here you can select from a variety of breakfast options. Muffins, wraps, smoothies, and scrambled tofu, Pure Kitchen has it all.

Cafe My House // 1015 Wellington Street

Avocado on toast, chia seed smoothie bowl, and a waffle BLT with coconut bacon, this restaurant knows how to brunch. Their menu serves up so many amazing options for a yummy brunch with your BFFs.

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RAW Pulp + Grind // 440 Preston Street

Indulge in RAW Pulp + Grind's signature acai bowls for an amazing breakfast. From Berry Banana Hemp to Monster Mango to PB Crunch the options for bowls are truly endless.

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Fuel Bar // 99 Metcalfe St

They have vegan oatmeal, wraps, salads, and berry bowls. Fuel Bar is the perfect place to go if you need a breaky that will give you an instant energy booster.

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Grow Your Roots Cafe // 220 Terence Matthews Crescent

This cafe sells a ton of options for breakfast. They sell coconut yogurt parfait, avo toast, tofu scramble, breakfast wraps and many many more. They also have a special Sunday brunch menu!

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Fiazza Fresh Fired // 86 Murray Street

This cute AF restaurant sells delicious vegan pizza. At Fiazza Fresh Fired, you can build your own pizza and they have so many vegan options, including vegan cheese. This place calls for a lunch date with all your BFFs.

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The Green Door // 198 Main Street

This is a vegan buffet style restaurant. All the food is labeled so you know exactly what's vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. The Green Door is a lunch that is sure to fill you up ASAP.

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Blossom Vegetarian Cafe // 209 Gilmour Street

This cafe sells everything. From soups to wraps to burritos, Blossom Vegetarian Cafe sells it all. Although the name says 'vegetarian' the meals are almost all vegan.

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Rawlicious // 381 Cooper Street

Head to Rawlicious for some amazing raw vegan tacos. They have a variety of salads and entrees perfect for lunch. They also sell smoothies, so if you're not feeling too hungry yet you can just grab a drink instead.

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Mad Radish // 116 Albert Street

Mad Raddish sells so many delicious salads! Head here to enjoy a vegan salad and a coconut ice cream for dessert. It just opened so you'll be one of the first customers.

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The Table // 1230 Wellington Street West

This is a vegan buffet style restaurant, so it is sure to fill you up. The food is high quality and labeled for your convenience, with a lot of delicious vegan options to choose from!

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Chickpeas // 500 Terminal Ave A-05

Ottawa's first and only falafel and hummus eatery. The food here is amazing and they know how to make yummy hummus. There are so many vegan options to choose from, you won't know where to start.

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So Good Restaurant // 717 Somerset St W

So Good Restaurant serves authentic Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese foods. With those three, the vegan options are endless. All the veggie fried rice that you will ever need can be found here.

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La Belle Verte // 166 Rue Eddy 

This yummy vegan-friendly restaurant is in Gatineau and is for sure worth the drive. They have a ton of vegan options to choose from, their food is colourful and vibrant because of all the fresh veggies being used!

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Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise // 167 Laurier Avenue

This cute restaurant is hidden so close to uOttawa's campus. With uni just around the corner, this place is a perfect vegan option for any vegan students.

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Little Jo Berry's // 1303 Wellington Street West

This vegan cafe is unreal. From cute AF macarons to the most unreal ice cream, Little Jo Berry's knows how to vegan.

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SimplyRaw Express // 989 Wellington Street West

Craving cheesecake? (just with no cheese?) Well, Simply Raw Express has got you covered. If you're a cheesecake lover definitely check this cafe out. They also sell cupcakes, slices of cake, or sweet dessert squares.

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Moo Shu Ice Cream // 477 Bank St

You can either grab a cup to eat there or a tub for later (I'd say grab both). They sell unique flavours like; Lime Strawberry Balsamic, London Fog, Coconut Horchata, Concord Grape and Golden Kiwi (their flavours rotate so be sure to keep checking their website.)

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Strawberry Blonde Bakery // 114B Grange Ave

This place has you covered if you love anything sweet. They also sell yummy vegan ice cream sandwiches for all the cookie lovers out there.

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Thimble Cakes // 369 Bank Street

A tower of vegan cupcakes? Yes, please. If you want cupcakes then Thimble Cakes is the place to go. From muffins to cupcakes to vegan ice cream this vegan cafe has it all.