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20 Signs Your Man Could Potentially Be The One

*cues Grease singalong* You're the one that I want!
20 Signs Your Man Could Potentially Be The One

They say when you know, you know. But some of us just don't have the instinct right away. After the butterflies and the lust disappears, you notice things that maybe you didn't before. You know your man is handsome, sweet, caring and obviously a great catch. However, forever goes beyond just those things. There are always signs if someone could potentially be the one for you, and they may not always be obvious.

The most obvious sign is if you feel comfortable around him like you do your best friend–you can tell him anything and everything and at the end of the day, he's the only one you want to say I love you to. That feeling in your stomach every time you say I love you is like an electric shock, but it feels amazing and at home. When you get into an argument, you don't resent the other person–you try to do whatever you can to make it better. Even though he may not be, he's absolutely perfect to you and if you weren't in love you would be able to find qualities you in them that you don't like at all. If this intro wasn't enough, here are 20 signs your man could potentially be the one for you.

1. You trust him wholeheartedly.

You never worry that he's out flirting with other girls, or that the reason he's not texting you back is because he's ignoring you. You don't ever question his loyalty towards you.

2. He doesn't try to change you.

You can be really messy, or always need to be right, and he goes along with it. He loves you for you and doesn't want that to change.

3. He wants to meet everyone in your life that's important to you.

He isn't afraid to show that you're important to him, and that this is serious. He wants people in your life to know the same.

4. When he says 'I love you', you know he's not just saying it because he has to.

You can always tell when someone means that they love you. It's sincere, and it's always at the most random times. It never feels forced.

5. He compliments you out of nowhere.

When your hair is up in a 3-day old bun and he still says you look adorable or you just did your nails and he notices right away. Keep him around, ladies. Guys who don't care well, don't care.

6. He wants to tell you everything, even the embarrassing stuff.

Drunk stories, food poisoning stories, first kiss stories–even if they were before you, he wants you to know it all. Even if the stories will turn you off for a few seconds, he wants you to laugh at them with him.

7. Even though you don't understand at all, he still fills you in on his problems at work.

He trusts in you that you care, and even if you don't get half of what he's talking about, he loves to vent to you. You're the first person he calls when something goes wrong or if he's annoyed, and he feels a lot better after talking to you.

8. Even though the honeymoon stage is over, being with him feels so comfortable, warm and so easy.

You wonder how you got so lucky that you can talk to someone about anything and seem like you still haven't talked enough. Or cuddling for hours not saying a word somehow still brings you such happiness.

9. When your friends complain about their shitty boyfriends, you just sit there awkwardly.

You give all the advice you can, but you don't have any worries about your BF not talking to you for days or seeing him tagged with girls you don't know on Facebook. Even if you did, you know there isn't anything wrong with him having girls as friends.

10. Talking about the future isn't scary or uneasy.

He never makes you feel like you can't talk about the future with him. It's almost brought up like it's a known fact, even though nothing is set in stone. He's not afraid to contribute his opinion on the matter, and always includes you in the future plans even if it's a few months from now or a few years from now.

11. If he goes out with his friends, he still texts you.

He's not afraid to pull out his phone every once and a while to text you and joke around about something at the party even though you're not there. You wouldn't mind if he didn't text you at all that night, but he does anyways.

12. You value all of the same things.

I'm not talking about your opinion on tattoos or whether cats or dogs are cooler. I'm talking about the idea of having kids, how you want to raise a family, if you both have the travel bug, or a very important topic, religion. Having the same values leads to a much less stressful environment for now and for the future. Dreaming of having a family since you were 5 and your partner never wanting kids can put more than a strain on a relationship because someone will always be unhappy.

13. Not texting for hours doesn't signify that he's over it.

90% of the time you know what the other person is doing, and even though you miss them, you enjoy your time apart. You don't need to talk 24/7 like you did in the honeymoon phase but you always look forward to seeing their name pop up on your phone again.

14. He respects you.

There are some things you're not comfortable with talking about or doing, maybe it's an awful breakup that you aren't ready to vent about but he never pressures you. He knows these things about you and accepts them and will always be ready to listen when you're ready.

15. Whatever you're self-conscious about, he loves.

Whether you still have a little bit of winter weight on your stomach, or you think you have too much acne to not wear makeup around him, he always tells you you're still sexy no matter what. Typically if you think your nose is too big or your ears stick out, guys don't even notice. But if you ever bring it up he's there to tell you the complete opposite.

16. The thought of being with someone else is... well, not even a thought.

It doesn't ever cross your mind to think what else is out there. You see people on the bus swiping away on Tinder, and you're so glad you've found your person. You can think someone is attractive, but thinking of being with someone else just never feels right.

17. The arguments you have get resolved in a mature way.

There is never any screaming or yelling, you respect each other too much to do that. It's always worked out in a mature and calm way, and your SO knows you understand where they're coming from. Communication isn't a problem in this relationship.

 18. If you've told a story before, he remembers the little things.

You talk about one of your friends and he asks "is that the one who is going to school to become a paramedic?" He listens, and he knows your life almost as well as you do. It may not seem like a big deal, but a lot of guys don't even remember your sisters name.

19. He's your #1 fan.

He always tells you he's proud of you, even for the littlest things. Whatever you do that makes you happy, it makes him just as happy.

20. He inspires you to be a better person.

Whether he's older or younger than you are, you look up to him. He seems to have it all together and motivates you to do the same.

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