Going to Carleton was one of the best decisions of my life. There's a ton of reasons why people should be studying there.

But, studying there for four years also showed the darker sides of things at times. The school has small quirks, but they all seem really big at the time when they're happening.

The struggle is real and here are 20 of the ones Carleton students have all had to face:

1. The lighting in your student card photo

Huh, so that's what I look like when I'm ugly.

2. The temperature in the tunnels

Is it just me or am I melting down here?

3. Or going between classes outside during the winter

Tunnels, I love you.

4. Walking through the Uni Centre

No I don't want your pamphlets and no, I don't want to break dance with you either.

5. Watching the Ottawa U students leave the Panda Game early

So so sad.

6. When the TA asks you to say something about yourself on the first day


7. Or when a student says they're from Toronto on the first day

No you're not, Oshawa.

8. When a yellow car beeps behind you in the tunnels


9. Finding a plug in the Minto Centre auditorium

Or anywhere, really.

10. The Starbucks lineup at Uni Centre

You're never getting that latte, child.

11. Finding a window seat at MacOdrum Library

I want to creep on Facebook with a nice view in the background, thank you.

12. CU Wireless


13. When the OC Transpo shows up and doesn't say where it's going

Are you a 111, a 7 or a 4? Oh, wait, you're just out of service and driving away. K, bye.

14. Watching the guy run to the O-Train knowing he's going to miss it

Still holding back the tears.

15. How long it takes for the bus to actually leave campus

There are more stop signs than students.

16. Rushing to get a seat on the bus at 5:30

Let the games begin.

17. Walking up the stairs at Uni Centre

*gasps for breath*

18. Finding a free printer on campus

I'm just too lazy to put money on my student card.

19. Waiting to try out the new swing at the Quad

I want it now.

20. The graduation ceremony

Oh, and you thought your 4 year undergrad was long.