Let's be real. You probably clicked on this because you're thinking that these themed places will make fire Insta's. If my guess is righ,t then I'm here to show you that these restaurants are perfect for the gram. 

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When choosing a place to eat everything matters for me. Seriously if your logo or website sucks I am the type of person to not come. If decorative and aesthetic details matter to you as much as they do to me, this list of 21 themed restaurants is sure to make you happy. 

Old-School Diner Themed Restaurants

Modern Themed Restaurants 

Asian Themed Restaurants

Mexican Themed Restaurants 

Old-School Diner Themed Restaurants: 

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Zak's Diner // 14 Byward Market Square

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Chesterfield's Gastro Diner // 1433 Wellington St W

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Elgin Street Diner // 374 Elgin St

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Wellington Diner // 1385 Wellington S

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Fil's Diner // 1209 Wellington Street

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The King Eddy // 45 Clarence Street

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Modern Themed Restaurants: 

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Burgers n' Fries Forever // Multiple Locations

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Albion Rooms // 33 Nicholas St

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Datsun // 380 Elgin St

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Common Eatery // 380 Elgin St

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Feast and Revel // 325 Dalhousie St

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Asian Themed Restaurants:

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C'est Japon A Suisha // 208 Slater St

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East India Company // 210 Somerset Street West

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Tomo // 109 Clarence St

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Mandarin Restaurant // Multiple Locations

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Asian Alley // 8 Byward Market Square

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Mexican Themed Restaurants: 

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Ahora // 307 Dalhousie St

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La Cocina Loca // 1079 Wellington St W

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Feleena's // 742 Bank Street

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Taqueria La Bonita // 1128 Cadboro Rd