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20 Things That Will 100% Happen To You At Carleton University

The CU experience is different for everybody. Some of us will spend our day avoiding signing stuff at the University Centre, while others will be sleeping through our 8:30am classes. But, nonetheless, we're all Ravens.

We're all bound to have the same experiences at some point during our undergrad. Here are 20 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at Carleton:

1. A yellow tunnel car will beep at you.

And you'll have to think of where to move in the split of a second.

2. A total stranger will ask you to sign something in the University Centre.

No thanks.

3. You won't find an outlet at the Minto Centre auditorium.

I guess you'll have to listen to the lecture.

4. CU Wireless will fail you.


5. You'll be late to class because of the lineup at Tim Horton's.

At least the Subway has two lineups.

6. You'll ignore a sorority bake sale.

Does anyone buy anything from the table.

7. Something called CUSA will ask you to vote for something.

What am I voting for.

8. You'll steal food from an event in the River Building.

One finger sandwich, please.

9. You will get borderline hypothermia at the Minto Centre bus stop in the winter.

Heat would be nice.

10. You're going to hear somebody shout, "What the f#$k's a Gee-Gee?"

More than once guaranteed.

11. You'll take the O-Train.

Even if you don't really need to.

 12. Some liquid will drip on you in the tunnels.

I hope it's water.

13. You won't go on the River Building patio.

Seriously, why is it there if the door is always locked.

14. You'll regret something at Ollie's.

Nah, not really.

15. You'll run onto the field at TD Place.

Panda, panda, panda.

16. You'll buy a textbook from the book store in first year that your professor says you "absolutely" need.

Still in the plastic wrap.

17. You'll ask for a U-Pass photo retake.

But won't be able to get it for some unknown, obscure reason.

18. A journalism student will try to interview you.


19. You'll be tempted to take a selfie with the Gandhi statue.

Do it.

20. You'll tell your discussion group something fun about yourself on the first day of classes.

I'm not made to talk to people.

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