Ottawa can be super boring and a lot to do can seem pretty overrated, but there are a few things to do that are surprisingly fun. Doing something that you don't expect to be that fun and actually having a good time is always a great feeling (especially when it's something cheap *shoutout to my fellow broke students*)

There are quite a few things you can do in Ottawa that are shockingly fun! This list will help you and your BFFs plan a day that is totally out of the normal. It's time to change up your normal routine and do something that is unexpectedly fun in Ottawa. 


Challenge yourself to run up and down the new stairs behind Parliament Hill

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Play some retro games on the Nintendo 64 at Level One

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Go mini-putting with your BFFs and see who manages to get a the 1st hole in one

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Play a couple games of tennis at Elmdale Tennis Club

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Head to Archery Games and battle your BFFs to a game of archery tag

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Pick out some delicious fresh fruits at the ByWard Market then head to Major's Hill Park to indulge 

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Be brave by taking a killer spin class at Spin City 

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Completely become a kid again and paint at Art Haven while sipping on some bubble tea or wine

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Unleash your inner Celine Dion at VIP Karaoke Bar & Lounge 

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Head to your local park and become one with nature by doing some yoga stretches

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Pretend you're cooking for Gordon Ramsay at C'est Bon Cooking

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Head to Ottawa Pole Fitness to try out an ariel hoop or pole workout

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Go horseback riding at Captiva Farms 

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Lock yourself in a prison and try to escape from the Cornwall Jail

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Become an artist and unleash your creative side at Paint Nite Ottawa 

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Rally up all your friends and take a fun dance class at Azucar! Latin Dance Company

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Attempt to get as many bullseyes as possible at BATL Ottawa 

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Take a boat ride on the Ottawa River with Capital Cruises 

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Head to the ByWard Market and people watch 

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Check out the unreal pumpkin carvings at Pumkinferno