While you're trying to figure out what your next Insta pic will be, the new thing is trying to figure out where you can get your next Insta story. Remember when we all hated Instagram stories, as they were a ripoff of Snapchat? Well, my, how the tables have turned. 

In Ottawa, there are great spots to Instagram as well as Insta story. But we all know cafes are so Insta worthy, and of course we had to make a list for you. Some of these are aesthetically pleasing, some have insane latte art, and some will have you drooling because of the food porn. Whichever one it is, it'll look fire on your next Insta story!

21. Little Victories 

Where: 801 Bank Street // The Glebe

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Why you should go: This relatively new cafe in Ottawa has been a pop-up for a while, so no one will guess where it is in your stories. You'll definitely be flooded with questions of where you are, since Little Victories latte art and donut game, obviously from Suzy Q Doughnuts, are on point.


20. Quitters Coffee

Where: 1523 Main Street South // Stittsville

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Why you should go: Although Stittsville seems like it's in the middle of nowhere, it's really not. And if you need one reason to go, Quitters Coffee is one of them. I've had the best chai tea latte there and they make the best desserts, and not to mention their woodsy wallpaper would look adorable on your Insta story.


19. Equator Coffee 

Where: 412 Churchill Ave N // Westboro

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Why you should go: C'mon, with the coffee sign lit up in the background, there is no other reason you need to go to Equator Coffee. Besides the coffee, because it's to die for.


18. Blumenstudio

Where: 465 Parkdale Ave // Wellington West

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Why you should go: Well, it's a cafe in a flower shop. So yeah, I'd say it's pretty cool. You'll probably never come across anything more original than this cafe in Ottawa, and you won't want to leave without a sip of their coffee and without buying a plant.


17. Eve Café 

Where: 50 Rideau Street // Rideau Centre

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Why you should go: This hidden cafe is bound to have people DMing you on Insta asking where it is. With views like that, your story will look like you're not in Ottawa anymore!


16. Anabia Cupcakes 

Where: 3570 Strandherd Dr // Barrhaven

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Why you should go: Who knew Barrhaven was popping with cafes? This cupcake cafe makes delicious cupcakes that will make everyone jealous. And they also have gluten free/vegan cupcakes if you have an allergy, and they're also so delicious.


15. Cafe Cristal 

Where: 240 Kennevale Dr // Barrhaven

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Why you should go: If you're looking for an adorable cafe, you've found it. In Barrhaven. Another adorable cafe in Barrhaven which is so random, but also just what the suburb needs.


14. Quelque Chose Pâtisserie

Where: 379 Richmond Rd // Westboro

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Why you should go: Not only is the decor adorable, but so is all of their food. From their macarons, to their macaron milkshakes, to their high tea, everyone will be asking where you are.


13. Morning Owl 

Where: 1047 Canadian Shield Ave // Kanata

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Why you should go: This gem is hidden in Kanata, but has such good food and great coffee. Not to mention the decor is stunning. If you're looking for a low key place, but still one that looks fire on your Instagram, this is it.


12. Sutherland Restaurant, Bar, And Coffee House

Where: 224 Beechwood Avenue // Vanier

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Why you should go: Because it's a restaurant, bar, and a cafe! No matter what you're in the mood for, they have it at Sutherland. Plus, the restaurant is so aesthetically pleasing that you can definitely get an Insta pic here too.


11. Aquatopia Conservatory

Where: 2710 March Rd // Carp

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Why you should go: Because it's an indoor water garden that's also a cafe! You'd probably never know this place existed, so when it's on your Insta story, everyone will be jealous. A ton of weddings take place here as well, but during the week it's mostly a cafe.


10. Headquarters 

Where: 113 - 115 Clarence Street // ByWard Market

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Why you should go: In need for a haircut and a coffee? Don't worry, Headquarters got you! They're a hairdressers and a cafe, side by side, and they're amazing at both. They serve delicious food along with delicious drinks, and it's relatively new as well.


9. Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar

Where: 1073 Bank St // Old Ottawa South

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Why you should go: Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar is a used book store that is also a cafe. They sell the most delicious donuts from Doughbaby Doughnuts, which is a local company. You'll love how unique this place is, and how cool it looks on your Insta story.


8. Feline Cafe

Where: 1076 Wellington Street West // Hintonburg

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Why you should go: You get to drink coffee with kittens. And you can adopt them at the end of the visit if you want. Do I need to say more?


7. Origin Trade 

Where: 111 York St // ByWard Market

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Why you should go: Origin Trade is basically Central Perk from Friends in Ottawa. It has the signature redish/orange couch, brick walls, and of course, coffee. But it's definitely more aesthetically pleasing for your Insta story.


6. The Ministry of Coffee 

Where: Multiple Locations

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Why you should go: The Ministry of Coffee is a great, low key place if you want to study or catch up with friends. They have a couple of locations in Ottawa, but each location is delicious and will make you want to come back.


5. Biscotti & Cie 

Where: 6 Chemin Scott // Chelsea

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Why you should go: This little house in Chelsea, Quebec is super close to Ottawa, but it's a hidden gem. They are open all year round and serve the best food, from breakfast to tapas. And you can get wine, coffee, tea, etc!


4. Arlington Five

Where: 5 Arlington Ave // Centretown

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Why you should go: Arlington Five is such an adorable spot to catch up with your BFFs at. They have murals on the outside of the coffee shop, so you can also get a cute Instagram pic. Not to mention their drinks are delicious and taste super expensive.


3. Art Is In Bakery 

Where: 250 City Centre Ave // Mechanicsville

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Why you should go: Okay, yes, Art Is In Bakery has great coffee, but their food is what you should come here for. They have the best breakfast in town, and I'm not kidding. All of their options are unique, and everyone will be drooling over the food porn they see on your story.


2. Britannia Coffeehouse 

Where: 273 Britannia Rd // Britannia

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Why you should go: Truly a hidden gem in Ottawa. This rose gold countertop will make every picture, or Insta story, you take look like you're not in Ottawa. Plus, they have an ice cream shop next door. So obviously you need to try it out.


1. Uji Cafe 

Where: 215 Rideau St // ByWard Market

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Why you should go: On an all green diet? Not a problem! Uji Cafe has everything matcha. Yes, everything. And it's so delicious. If you're a matcha lover or have been dying to try it, this is the place to be!