Your birthday only comes around once a year and for many, it's one of the best days of the year! Of course, there are some birthdays that serve as special defining in a person's life such as your first, 16th, 19th, and 21st birthday. Whether it's due to a cultural norm or celebrating being legal, these defining moments are celebrated differently all over the world.

With that being said, up until the age of 21, you're not legal all over the world because of laws in the U.S. Regardless, because the legal drinking age is 19 in Canada, there are a ton of things for us to do while we wait to party over the border! Before you officially become legal globally at the age of 21, here are 21 things you must do before you turn 21 in Ottawa:

1. Indulge and relax at Nordik Spa

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2. Watch a Panda Game

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3. Go to Tequila Jack's at least once

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4. Party on the sophisticated Elgin St.

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5. Tour all of Ottawa's museums from the Science and Technology Museum to the Museum of Nature

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6. Get a selfie on Parliament Hill

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7. Watch a Senators game at the Canadian Tire Centre

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8. Eat a shawarma in one of our many Lebanese restaurants

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9. Visit Saunder's Farm during the Fall season

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10. Turn up at one of Liquor Store and Greenroom's infamous block parties

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11. Have a drunk meal at Zak's Diner at 3am after a night out

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12. Celebrate life on Atari's rooftop

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13. Try to escape a trapped room at Escape Manor

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14. Live life care free at Skyzone

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15. Get your first piercing or tattoo at Universal Tattoo

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16. Visit downtown Ottawa on Canada Day

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17. Take shots with your friends out of a shot glass paddle at El Furniture Warehouse

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18. Cuddle a baby-anything at any of these zoo's 

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19. Watch your fav artist perform at Barrymore's

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20. Smoke shisha at your favourite cafe 

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21. Enjoy a beavertail in the ByWard Market!

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