Not having a car can seem like such a big problem in Ottawa. Even though the city is known as a small but big city, a ton of it is spread out awkwardly. Whether you want to drink, relax, or go hiking, you'll find you or one of your BFFs needs a car. Or do you?

Let's be real. The best part about Ottawa is the downtown core. You have the ByWard Market, Centretown, Nepean Point, etc. And really, who wants to say they bussed all the way from Orleans to Barrhaven just to hang out? I'll wait. So in my opinion, and I'm sure a lot of others, the best place to chill if you don't have a car is downtown Ottawa. Everyone can get to it by bus, and there is so much to do. 

So here are the 21 best things you can do in Ottawa if you don't have a car. From restaurants, to nail spots, to ice cream shops, it's all a walk away. Just hop on the bus, and your day starts there!

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1. Be healthy AF and get a delicious salad at Mad Radish 

116 Albert St

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2. Get your zen on at Pure Yoga Downtown

71 Bank St

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3. Go spend all your money at Milk Shop or another local clothing shop 

45 William St

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4. Get your nails done together at La Crystal Nail & Spa

117 Murray St

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5. Pick up a healthy treat from Olive & Chili 

51 York St

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6. Spend the afternoon, or a free night, at the National Gallery of Canada

380 Sussex Dr

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7. Walk the Alexandra Bridge, which will take you over to Gatineau 

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8. Visit the stunning Canadian Museum of History, which is right after the Alexandra Bridge

100 Laurier St

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9. Grab a sweet treat at Sweet Jesus 

97 Clarence St

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10. Watch a unique or a popular film at ByTowne Cinema 

325 Rideau St

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11. Fill your stomachs with the most unreal all you can eat sushi at Hokkaido Sushi 

272 Dalhousie St

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12. Get your palm read at The Crystal Dawn

217 Dalhousie Street

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13. Grab a coffee at this lowkey coffee shop, Planet Coffee 

24 York St

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14. Spend the day playing board games and eating a ton of food at The Loft Board Game Lounge

14 Waller St

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15. Bring your own food and have a picnic at Major's Hill Park

Mackenzie Ave

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16. Find out what parts of Ottawa are haunted AF during the Haunted Walk of Ottawa

46 ½ Sparks Street

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17. Grab a drink and see Ottawa from a different view at Copper Sights & Spirits

325 Dalhousie St

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18. Or from a different view, but grab a gourmet hotdog at Tavern on the Hill instead

1223 Alexandra Bridge

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19. Have an adorable tea party with your BFFs at The Tea Party Cafe

119 York St

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20. Or have a beer party at Brother's Beer Bistro 

366 Dalhousie St

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21. Or if you're too lazy to walk, rent a VeloGo Bike Share and see the city in a different way!