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23 Reasons That Prove Ottawa Is The City That Fun Forgot

The Canadian capital of dull.
23 Reasons That Prove Ottawa Is The City That Fun Forgot

Ottawa's infamously known amongst Canadians as "The government city." It's the place where everybody goes to get a stable government job, to raise a family and settle down. Being sandwiched between two of Canada's most vibrant cities, Montreal and Toronto, it's also a forgotten city - like a middle child.

Often labeled as the city that fun forgot, residents - for days - are trying to constantly defend their city. Is there really more to Canada's capital than its dull reputation, though?

Here's 23 reasons that prove Ottawa is the city that fun forgot:

We're surrounded by some pretty awful nature

Let's not forget, the lack of beaches

There's just nothing to explore, in general

We have some pretty bland restaurants

Don't even get me started about the hotels

We're definitely lacking in patios for the summer 

There's nowhere to shop

There's nothing for adrenaline junkies

There's no waterparks

And we have some pretty awful sports teams

The winters are unbearable

And spring never really comes to Ottawa

It doesn't get any more uneventful than Canada Day in the nation's capital

We're just never really festive

Can't say I'm a fan of the museums either

Could someone tell me where the street art is?

I can't seem to find a cute coffeeshop either

It makes sense that the mayor's boring, too

Our beer pong tournaments are too big

The views of the Ottawa River are just atrocious

The neighbourhoods could be less trendy, too

And if someone could please point us to the street food festivals, that'd be great

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