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24 Outdoorsy Activities You Need To Do In Ottawa This Summer

Don't let your summer go to waste.
24 Outdoorsy Activities You Need To Do In Ottawa This Summer

It's so easy to let summer slip out of your hands... especially in Ottawa. It comes and goes in a flash so it is essential that you plan and accomplish many things outside while the temperatures are still hot!

There are many outdoorsy activities to do in the summer in Ottawa, so get your shoes laced and your bug spray on because it's time to be outside! 

Take a summer stroll at Andrew Haydon Park

This park is stunning, especially if you want to watch the sunsetHead here if you want to enjoy the sun while playing soccer, laying down, and taking perfect instas

Roadtrip to Parc Omega and make some new furry friends.

If you love animals and the outdoors Parc Omega is definitely worth a trip. Here you'll be able to get up close and personal with many animals.

Visit Éco-Odyssée and immerse yourself in nature

While here you will be completely surrounded by the forest and the habitat of many beavers. You can rent a paddle boat and paddle down the river while enjoying the nature. 

Have a lovely picnic at Dominion Arboretum or any Ottawa Park 

Pack up your favorite snacks and head to a park in Ottawa. Whether you pack an entire meal or simply some chips this will surely be a fun time.

Visit Luskville Falls

Head to Luskville Falls in the Gatineau ParkThis rocky pathway is sure to be an adventure for you and your friends.

Whitewater raft or paddle down the Ottawa River at OWL Rafting

For all the adrenaline junkies out there, this one is for you. Whitewater rafting is sure to boost your heart rate on a hot summers day. 

Take a walk at Petrie Island or visit any one of Ottawa's Beaches 

If you're from Orleans and you would rather stay close to home, a walk by Petrie is perfect for you. 

Take a boat ride with Capital Cruises

This boat ride will take you all the way down the Ottawa River and back to Downtown Ottawa. If you love sunsets, definitely check out their summer sunset cruise. 

Bike, walk, or run down the Rideau Canal

The iconic Rideau Canal pathway is a must during the summer. Whether you like running, biking, or simply walking this pathway is definitely worth a stroll.

Rent a canoe or kayak on Dow's Lake

Kayaking or canoeing in the summer is extremely peaceful and fun. There are many places in Ottawa where you can kayak, but Dow's Lake is stunning.

Take a jog up King Mountain Trail

This picturesque trail is sure to motivate you to keep running to see the top. Even if you dont want to run, this trail is still amazing to walk.

Go pick some fresh strawberries at Shouldice Strawberry Farms

This one is perfect for the whole fam-jam (see what I did there).  

Explore the Mer Bleue Bog

Take a nice stroll at the Mer Bleau Bog and discover all types of wildlife.  This is the largest bog and natural area in Ottawa and is totally insta worthy.

Take a nighttime walk at Alexandra Bridge

Alexandra Bridge is a perfect place to walk, run, or ride your bike. It is also a LIT place to watch the sunset.

via @jeanboileau

Take a long bike ride or a lovely jog at Lac Leamy Park

This trail is excellent if you want to take a long bike ride because it is well paved and ready for action. Get your shoes tied and your helmet on because it's The Tour De Ottawa. 

Zen out and do yoga on Parliament Hill

Ever Wednesday at 12 pm there is a yoga class on Parliament Hill. This is definitely worth a visit, pack a mat cause it's time to get your zen on.

Zipline at Camp Fortune's parks 

Climbing ladders, crossing bridges, and ziplining; this tour has it all. If you're looking to change up your usual outdoor activities, this place is for sure a switch up.

via @tkunovac

Build a sandcastle at Lac Phillipe

This stunning beach in Gatineau is sure to make your summer brighter. Head here if you're feeling like you need to unleash your inner child and build a sandcastle.

Visit Arbraska Laflèche and complete their many activities 

Have a day packed with adventure at Arbraska Laflèche. Ziplining, ariel courses, cave explorations, and snowshoeing the options are endless.

Rent a cottage on the 1000 Islands for a weekend immersed in nature

Heading to the 1000 Islands is for sure worth it. While there you can kayak, canoe, and stay in your own rented cottage; truly an escape from reality.

Take a swim at Morrison's Quarry 

This quarry is absolutely beautiful.  If you're seeking a place to swim and enjoy the summer weather this place is worth checking out. 

Go watch an outdoor movie at Ciné-Parc Templeton

Experience watching movies in a whole new way at this outdoor theater. This outdoor drive-in theater is in Quebec, but it is 100% worth the drive.

Take a swing at one of Ottawa's mini-putting courses

Practice your swing at one of Ottawa's best golf ranges and mini-putting courses. Unleash your competitive side.

Hit up one of Ottawa's patios for a cool summer drink

Outside + drinks + instas = an amazing summer day. You can never go wrong with patios.

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