We all have at least one account on Instagram that we follow and constantly admire the places that they travel to. From Turkey to Iceland these travel bloggers are all over the globe! Honestly I don't even understand how these people have so much money laying around to go from one place to the next within weeks. Being broke AF has many downfalls, the biggest for me is the fact that travelling to places that are far, like Greece, costs soooooo much!

What we seem to forget is that there are so many wonderful places in Ontario that will make us feel and look like those travel bloggers we all envy. From sunflower fields to ruins, Ontario is crawling with places where you can get the best Insta ever. Not only will you get a cute photo, you'll also have so many memories of the roadtrip to Perth or the boat ride to the 1000 Islands. These memories are far more valuable than any photo you can take. 

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If you haven't already explored your province of Ontario, it's time to start planning. With the new year around the corner, why not make it a goal of yours to discover more and do more! There are so many cute towns in Ontario and they are all worth visiting at least once in your life. Travel bloggers always pose in front of super unique buildings, whether it's colourful or just rustic, a great building makes a great backdrop. Natural views are also essential to every travel blogger Insta, whether they're in lavender fields or just taking a hike, the natural views are crucial to any Insta profile. 

Cute Towns

Unique Buildings

Natural Beauties

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Perth // Ontario

If you're looking for some fall colours to add to your profile, look no further. Perth is an adorable town that will have your strolling from one photo to the next. Taking a walk through Kiwi Gardens will give you at least one perfect travel blogger-style Insta.

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Gananoque // Ontario

Head to Gananoque for a complete escape from the busy city. In Gananoque you can explore the cute lighthouse or hop on the cruise that will take you on a tour of the wonderful 1000 Islands.

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Niagara-On-The-Lake // Ontario

This adorable town will 100% give you the perfect travel blogger insta you're searching for. Niagara On The Lake is a quiet town hidden within the vineyards of Niagara, so if you love wine I think you've found your escape!

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Kingston // Ontario

This is by far Southern Ontario's hidden gem. Kingston is so incredibly adorable and will give you major travel blogger vibes in an instant. Downtown Kingston will totally make your feel like you're somewhere in Europe, from the cobble streets to the cute coffee shops, Kingston is perfect for the gram.

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Brockville // Ontario

Head to Brockville and you'll be on cloud nine when it comes to taking adorable Insta's. Brockville is known for its Gothic buildings, riverfront parks, lively community festivals and many historic museums.

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Stratford // Ontario

Yes, this is the town that the Biebs is from, but apart from that fun fact Stratford has a lot to offer you when it comes to a good time. The town is super small, quaint, and perfect for a quick getaway.

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Almonte // Ontario

This adorable town is only 30 minutes away from Ottawa and is totally worth visiting. The town is crawling with places to see, some include a water fall, donut shop, parks, and river walks.

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Cobourg // Ontario

Ontario's feel good town will leave you feeling good about all of your travel blogger style Instas! From the stunning lakeside retreat to gorgeous walkways, this town will have you feeling like you left Canada for the day.

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Unique Buildings:

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Fiddlehead's Bar and Grill // Perth

This restaurant in Perth has the most stunning courtyard. You will be able to grab a gram within minutes of entering the courtyard. Fiddlehead's serves a variety of foods, from wings to pastas, they have something for everyone.

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The Miller House Cafe Brasserie // Prince Edward

Lake on the Mountain Resort is a family run business located on the shore of the stunning Lake on the Mountain. The resort is perched over 62 metres above Lake Ontario and has spectacular views of the Bay of Quinte below, meaning you will definitly be able to grab some Instas while visiting.

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The Guild Park // Scarborough

Guild Park is a great place to go if you want to feel like you're in Rome exploring historic ruins. This is the type of place you can take a photo at and act like you're not even in Canada anymore.

Heart Island // Thousand Islands of Ontario

The Thousand Islands are all stunning and will all make you feel like you're a travel blogger. This one of a kind island is truly a perfect backdrop for a travel blogger-style Instagram.

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Shakespearean Gardens // Stratford

The Shakespearean Gardens have won awards for being so absolutely beautiful. Honestly if you've ever played Mario Kart and driven through Princess Peaches Gardens, it looks just like that. From cute archways to stunning flowers, you will be in Insta heaven.

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Mill Ruins at Rockwood Conservation Area // Rockwood

I mean, I would never guess that this place is in Ontario. The Mill Ruins are definitly an Ontario hidden gem that needs more discovering! Head here to grab some cute Instas.

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Treehouse Retreat // Durham

These treehouses are a travel blogger's dream. From this hanging chair to stunning forest views, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to what to take a photo of!

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Royal Ontario Museum // Toronto

The Royal Ontario Museum is so stunning from the outside. The crazy modern design morphed into the historic building is super unique and worth seeing at least once.

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Natural Beauties:

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Prince Edward County Lavender // Hillier

This is a travel blogger must-visit. Honestly, which travel blogger do you know that hasn't visited a lavender field! The bright purple makes for stunning photos and I'm sure the smell is unreal too.

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Flowerpot Island // Georgian Bay

You can only visit this beautiful island by boat and it is totally worth it. Flowerpot Island is 6.5 kilometres off the coast of Tobermory and is one of Canada’s most fascinating natural attractions.

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Johnston's Cranberry Marsh // Bala

This wont only make for a bright Insta, but it will also be a super fun and memorable experience. The experience is a must add to any fall bucket list and will for sure leave you with fun memories.

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Kariya Park // Mississauga

Kariya Park is a Japanese inspired park that is absolutely breathtaking. In the spring the cherry blossom trees look so amazing! With the pink trees reflecting off of the river as a backdrop, you will surly be a travel blogger for the day.

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Ouimet Canyon // Pass Lake

This Ontario park will leave you breathless. The stunning views are 150 metres wide and are worth seeing at least once if you're from Ontario. There are trials and boardwalks that connect to lookout platforms perfect for a gram.

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Kricklewood Farm // Frankville

This is another travel-blogger staple photo. The photo of someone casually strolling through sunflower fields is seen at least once during fall months. The stunning yellow flowers will brighten up your profile real quick!

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Mer Bleue Conservation Area // Ottawa

Anyone that lives in Ottawa has to visit this conservation area at least once. The Mer Bleue Conservation Area is stunning and will for sure give you so many cute Instas.

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Katherine Cove // Lake Superior

This quiet, spacious, and gorgeous cove will totally make your Insta look like you're somewhere in Europe. The water is super clear and is definitely a great place to go during the summer time.