Ever have one of those days where you're just bored out of your mind? It's easy to forget that Ottawa does have stuff to do, as well as remembering all of those things. We're always so eager to get out of the city that we forget we can have fun in our own. There are many more options, but let's just stick to 24 hours. I'm not sure we'd see the city the same way if we were up for more than that.

To help you during one of those boring days or when you just feel like getting out of the house, I compiled a list of things to do that I think would make the best out of your touristy day. So have fun rediscovering your own city, or if you're not from Ottawa, have fun discovering that we don't and probably won't ever have a song written about us (we're also technically the six, if you think about it).

1. Go for a hike in Gatineau Park.

2. Eat breakfast at Baker Street Cafe.

3. Shop around Westboro Village.

4. Take the OC Transpo downtown.

5. Watch the amazing street performers in the ByWard Market.

6. Enjoy a BeaverTail.

7. Visit the Parliament Buildings.

8. Walk, bike or run around the Rideau Canal.

9. Rent a canoe or kayak on Dow's Lake.

10. Visit the new and improved Rideau Centre.

11. Grab lunch at one of these (or more) bucket list places.

12. Take an obligatory picture at Nepean Point.

13. Grab some delicious ice cream.

14. Check out the National Gallery of Canada.

15. Take a stroll through Hog's Back Falls.

16. Attend an Ottawa REDBLACKS game.

17. Have dinner at one of these cheap eats.

18. Attend a haunted walk on Sparks Street.

19. Relax your nerves with a drink.

20. See if you can meet one of these guys at your fav bar.

21. Get a late night bite to eat after your night out.

22. Or stop by the famous Rideau Street McDonald's.

23. Wake up and grab a much needed coffee at one of these cafes.

24. Rejuvenate at Nordik Spa-Nature.

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